Branding, Networking & Fund-raising teleseminar for non-profits, Oct 20

Hey folks. FC member Karen Lewellen is offering her skills as non-profit consultant in a tele-seminar on Oct 20. Details below! Contact with any questions.



  It's a common complaint among nonprofits across North America. What our
  organization really needs is more…RAM! Or, Respect, Activity, and
  Money! No one appreciates our mission. We cannot find enough volunteers
  and corporate connections. We just cannot raise the funds we want to
  keep our goals on track.

  My name is Karen Lewellen and, believe me, I understand. As a nonprofit
  sector consultant with more than 20 years of experience, I guide
  countless organizations through the task of branding networking and
  fund-raising all the time. Additionally, I manage my own media
  nonprofit, meaning I appreciate firsthand the decisions you make to
  achieve your organizational desires. I want to help! I am offering 50
  organizations a RAM upgrade designed to give you the extras required to
  work more effectively. Branding, Networking, & Fund-raising: The
  Nonprofit RAM Upgrade Kit is a program focusing on these critical
  management issues. Here is what's included.

  On October 20th, I am inviting 50 groups to join me for the Branding,
  Networking & Fund-raising: Nonprofit RAM Kit teleseminar. Fifty
  participants will receive a toll free phone number connecting them with
  me for this one hour conference call. You can download the session
  later for sharing with your board and associates, and a transcript will
  be available upon request. This is more than just a lecture. Each
  participating nonprofit must complete a workshop assignment prior to
  the call. That way, I can season the tips I provide with examples
  addressing your specific needs based on your input.

  Additionally, each organization receives a one on one private
  consultancy with me. During the session, I take the information shared
  in class and fine tune it to assist your agency's needs right now.
  Having fundraised with the likes of Barbara Walters, branded nonprofits
  serving the disabled, and guided everyone from environmentalists to
  activists to artists, I feel sure I can help you. There is no situation
  too unusual or nonprofit too disheartened to benefit from a RAM

  Cost of the package is $25. If interested, send an email to I will provide you with event details and the
  link to make your Paypal payment. Seats are limited to 50 participants,
  one from each organization, so hurry. Deadline for registration is
  midnight on Monday, October 17th. Want to know more? Send an e-mail to
  the above address.

  I look forward to guiding you to the Respect, Activity and Money your
  mission deserves!

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