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Here's the latest call for pitches from our friends at Snap Judgment. Pitch away!


Hello Snap Judgment friends, here's our latest theme list. Please send pitches to Pitches@snapjudgment, and remember that our stories need a strong narrative arc, told by a central character.  Lastly, please listen to the show before pitching. For some guidance, check our flowchart, "Is your story right for Snap Judgment?"

The Tortoise and the Hare: Stories about an unexpected winner, an underdog, or a patient clairvoyant. We have the story of a young musician in an oil boom town who resists getting a job in the oil business, eventually the oil dries up but his band goes on to become famous. We're looking for stories where seemingly foolhardy or difficult to understand decisions pay off unexpectedly.

Lost in Translation OR Misdiagnosis: Mr. Roper thinks Jack is sleeping with Cindy but it's all a big misunderstanding sorted out at the Regal Beagle. OK, so we're looking for stories a bit more sophisticated than the plot line of 3's Company. Stories of misunderstandings that lead to dramatic or surprising consequences. We are working on stories about sign language being misinterpreted as gang symbols, a widespread disease in a small town being misdiagnosed and a young girl misunderstanding her families bigamy.

Nemesis: Stories about enemies, arch rivals, the opposition. We are working on a piece about a young man who writes a cruel letter to a neighborhood developer. Nemesis stories should have an unexpected twist or outcome.

Something quite precocious : We're hoping this episode will feature the voices of young people, and tell stories that highlight the ways in which kids see situations differently than adults. Examples include the story of a young girl who saves her father's life after a car accident.

We're still looking for stories for several themes from our last call, including Spaceman (these stories can include air travel, hot air ballooning, etc), Waste, and The Wiz.

Thank you very much,


Anna Sussman

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