Video internships at Burning Man

For you crazy desert lovers 😉


Reply to <> with any and all correspondence.

VIDEO INTERNSHIPS @ BURNING MAN 2011: Now accepting Applications!

Send in a resume, links of prior work and/or a cover letter telling us
which project you want in on… We've got three!
((Read details below))

Work involves shooting video in the morning or in the evening at
specific assigned locations. A video team and a schedule will be
formed so shifts can be shared/signed up for, and distributed. A
dedicated area for charging cameras (and dumping content) will be
provided at Media Mecca.


*Video shooting and/or editing experience.
*Audio or Digital Production experience.
*Ability to uphold deadlines.
*Familiarity with Burning Man.
*Strong communication skills.


*You already have the Video Equipment you will use (definitely not
required, but we are looking for more video recording tools!)


*Video Interns must be able to shoot for Burning Man on some days
between Sunday night August 28, 2011 through Friday, September 2nd,
2011. Interns will work in shifts for no more than 2 hours at a time.
Those working on the experimental Civic Participation project must be
able to come to Burning Man starting August 22, 2011.

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