Radio France International call for pitches

A colleague at Radio France International needs stories! Both from the US and abroad. Spread the word!


As some of you may know, I am a producer/reporter for Radio France
International's English language service. I am writing a call for
pitches, as we are in the process of changing our news programming
which will allow for (even require!) one or more 2.5 minute pieces
from all over the world every day. (This is a change from our current
format of mostly phone Q&As).

So we are calling on our networks of correspondents to start pitching
stories, and we are looking for more… which is where you come in!

I realize most of you are based in the US, and while we are interested
in that part of the world, we are particularly keen to find people in
Latin America and in Asia. Africa, too, though as that is where the
bulk of our listeners are, we have already developed a pretty good
network of correspondents.

Please send your pitches to our news editor, Daniel Singleton
(, with a copy to our assistant editor,
Rosslyn Hyams (

You would be paid about 120 euros for a 2.5 minute reported piece (on
the ground, natural sound, etc) – we would like it to have some kind
of news hook, though we're looking for all kinds of stores, not just
news, but culture, economy, environment, etc. And repurposed pieces
are fine.

We're also interested for voice reports and/or soundbites, if you are
in a place where news is happening.

Please send along your ideas – whether your based somewhere, or just
passing through.

Happy pitching!

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