Upcoming events at Columbia Journalism School

Always interesting (and sometimes FREE!) events going on at Columbia Jschool. Details below.


Folks: A mix of events over the next few months at @ColumbiaJourn…

* Thursday, 3/3:  Social Media One-night Stand: An ADVANCED social-media
 workshop – FEE REQD. Details below.

* March/April: third edition of Smarter Social Media for Journalists,
 Media Professionals and Bloggers: A four-nights-over-two-months course
 that will make you proficient in social media tools and techniques.
 – FEE REQD. Details below.

* Thursday, April 7: Hearst Annual Lecture by Krishna Bharat, creator of
 Google News (talk & reception) – FREE. Details coming soon to
 http://bit.ly/columbialectures – our public events list.

==> Plus two workshops of varying lengths…

     * @ColumbiaJourn Continuing Ed:  Thursday, March 3, 2010;  6-9:30 pm
       Social Media One-night Stand: An ADVANCED social-media workshop
       for journalists, media professionals and bloggers – taught over
       one night and two weeks of online Q&A. This innovative workshop
       consists of a 3.5-hour in-person group class on March 3, followed
       by two weeks of online Q&A and community, curated by Sree and his
       adjunct professors. Cost $100 (10 percent off for @ColumbiaJourn
       alumni).  REGISTRATION: http://bit.ly/columbiajce

       SAMPLE TWEET: Social-media One-night Stand, @Sree's ADVANCED
       socmedia workshop, 3/3 @ColumbiaJourn: http://bit.ly/columbiajce

     * @ColumbiaJourn Continuing Ed presents third edition of Smarter
       Social Media for Journalists, Media Professionals and Bloggers: A
       four-nights-over-two-months course that will make you proficient
       in social media tools and techniques. March 17 (Thurs), March 31
       (Thurs), April 12 (Tues), April 26 (Tues); 6:30 – 9 p.m.6:30-9 pm.
       Cost $575 (10 percent off for @ColumbiaJourn alumni). Read NY
       Observer article about April 2010 version of this course, "The
       Twitter Tutor": http://bit.ly/sreenyo * DETAILS & REGISTRATION:

       SAMPLE TWEET: 4-week social media course at @ColumbiaJourn, taught
       by @sree – open to all: http://bit.ly/columbiajce

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