Snap Judgment Call for Stories

Hey all. Another call for stories from Snap Judgment. Details below.


Snap Judgment, “Storytelling . . . with a BEAT,” is calling for pitches for several upcoming episodes, listed below.

Snap rocks character-narrated and producer-narrated, dramatic, first person, stories and airs on over 100 NPR stations (and growing) nationwide.  Our stories are heavily produced with music and sound effects and need not have a news hook.  Pay scale is on par with other national programs.

The best Snap stories allow listeners to understand the world from the perspective of the protagonist, and start strong, often with a premise that describes the dilemma.  We dig the stories that bob and weave, dance, take listeners someplace unexpected.  And we want the ending to grab you by the throat.  (NO WISHY WASHY ENDINGS!)  

Snap Judgment seeks stories told from a points of view often under-represented on-air, particularly stories told by folks from marginalized communities, international stories, or anything off-the-beaten-path.

To hear what we’re talking about, please listen to a show.  Any one is cool, but to get an idea of the range of Snap storytelling, episodes you may want to try include:

Superheroes: Origin Stories (

Utopia ( )

The following is a list of the episodes we’re working on.  But if you have an amazing story, and it doesn’t hit one of these general “themes” – no worries!  Send it to us anyway.  Nothing is set in stone:

Episodes We’re Busy Cooking Up

Fame:  Stories about 15 seconds of fame, brushes with greatness or a moment in the sun. Examples include the story of a failed actor whose dog makes it to the big time, and the life of a central character in a chart-topping song.  

Road Trip: This episode features stories from the open road, cross-country or ‘round the world, life on the highway, pitch us your stories of breakdowns, hold-ups, train-hopping, dog-sledding or coast-to-coast skate boarding.

Lying Liars: Stories about the consequences of lying, and the lives of lying liars. Our definition of lying includes misleading, going under cover, scams, trickery and fraud.

April fools:  For this episode we’re looking for stories of amazing pranks, hoaxes or practical jokes, and the fallout when the dust clears.

Justice League: This is a follow-up to our superheros episode, and we need stories about heroes for justice, criminal do-gooders, prison breaks, weekend-warriors and peacekeepers.

BoyGirlBoyGirl: Stories about gender-bending, breaking down sex barriers, reversing parental roles, living within the constraints of biology or breaking from them entirely, stories of a new generation of boys and girls, of female firsts or ground-beaking guys.

Border Crossing: Stories of international boundaries, life on the border, refugees, asylum seekers, ex-pats and immigrants. These stories must have a narrative arc that takes listeners across an international boundary.

Best Intentions: Stories of the best laid plans, going horribly wrong: international aid resulting in famine, loving a bunny to death, surprise parties ending in cardiac arrest, gifts misunderstood or any stories of well intentioned ideas resulting in chaos, mayhem or disaster.

Mere Mortals: Stories of brushes with death, stupid or brave acts of heroism, encounters with mortality, stupendous survival or coming back from the dead.

International Intrigue: Stories of espionage, spies, secret agents, clandestine missions, sneaking across borders, midnight phone calls from the CIA, and concealed identities. Examples include the story of a man recruited by the CIA.

All In It Together: Go team. Stories about working together, feeling outcast, being accepted, signing-up or going AWOL. Examples include the story of a young man who finds himself at a bar on the night of 9/11 listening to the stories told by emergency workers.

The Wiz: Stories with a Wizard of Oz theme. Think creatively, not just searches for brain, heart and courage, but stories about going home, emerald cities, fake wizards, good witches, tornadoes and your little dog too. Examples include the story of a heart transplant recipient experiencing the memories of his donor.

Tilt: Stories about reaching a tipping point, changing your tune, convincing others, falling from grace, rising to fame, giving-up, standing-up, or more literal stories about tilting, tipping or toppling over.

Waste: Stories about trash, time wasted, lives wasted, money wasted, garbage dumps, e-waste, wasting resources, wasting talent, finding treasure in trash. Examples include the story of a high powered attorney’s slow decline into crack addiction.

Cha-Ching : Stories about the value of a dollar. Stories about learning the worth of something, something that’s value changes with time or with events, losing money, finding money, inheriting money, dirty money, money laundering, winning money, greed or generosity. Examples include the story of a robber who returned his victim’s wallet upon learning that his victim was homeless.

Pitch Procedure

1.     Listen to Snap Judgment.

2.     Check out the “Is your story right for Snap Judgment?” flowchart.

3.     Send your pitch to

4.     The Snap team will discuss your pitch and do our best to get back to you in two weeks.

We can’t WAIT  to hear your stories!


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