Bay Area Video Coalition Preservation Internship

This is an UNPAID internship, but BAVC is a great org and a great place to learn/network if you have 12-16 hours/week to spare. Details and contact info below.



Bay Area Video Coalition

Preservation Internship

The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is seeking an intern to work

side-by-side experienced video and audio preservationists for 12

weeks, 12-16 hours per week. Interns will gain valuable apprentice

skills, observe industry professionals and participate in the

day-to-day workings of a nationally recognized preservation facility.

Interns can expect to leave BAVC’s program with a thorough

understanding of video formats, preservation techniques, navigating a

preservation suite, and the administration of running a successful

program. The goal of the internship program is to expose new people to

the preservation field in hopes of increasing the number of industry

professionals exposed to the technical concepts around video and

digital preservation; as well as raising awareness in the production

community of the need for preservation.

Interns will start with preservation administrative tasks and will

grow into more advanced preservation projects depending on their

aptitude and ability to complete projects to industry standards. The

depth of advanced training of interns shall be left to the discretion

of BAVC’s staff on a case by case basis.

Skills acquired can include:

• Archival handling of videotapes

• Operating a patch bay

• Reading a waveform monitor, vector scope and audio meters

• Using a time base corrector

• Tape duplication

• Concepts in new and emerging technologies

• Tape inspection

• Assisting in preservation administrative duties

• Metadata and cataloging entry

Preferred qualifications:

• Knowledge of signal flow

• Understanding of basic video production

• Experience in a library, archive, museum, or education facility

• Desire to learn about preservation, conservation, and digital repositories

Preservation interns are not BAVC employees and will not be

compensated for hours worked. They will also not receive health

benefits or paid time off; however, college credit may be arranged.

All applicants must send a résumé and cover letter, which should

include a personal statement about  how this internship will build

from your existing experience and help you in your future goals to BAVC believes in a diverse work force and

applicants from underserved or minority communities are encouraged to


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