audio verite story competition, 10 Days to Go!

Couple weeks left for this competition, sponsored by some radio colleagues. Details below.


Friends, colleagues, radio producers, documentarians,

Are you planning on putting together an audio verite story for verite + 1;, Big Shed’s first ever competition? If so, you have 2 more weeks before the January 15th deadline.

We’ve gathered a team of judges, built a submission system and we’re all ready for you. One winner will be awarded a $250 cash prize. Honorable mentions will be featured on upcoming Big Shed podcasts.

To submit, just follow the instructions here:;

What’s verite +1 again?

By audio verite, we mean sound recorded without direction or prompting from the recordist. Also called "fly on the wall", or "direct audio". By +1, we mean you can use tape from one interview in order to help your piece make sense as a story.

Why are we doing this?

We believe verite is a powerful and beautiful storytelling tool, which you’re unlikely hear on North American radio. Producers rarely use verite in their stories and when they do, editors often don’t understand where they’re coming from,finding the form confusing, overly long and potentially disorienting to listeners. We think this is lame. And we want to encourage producers to start working in verite, and we want to help listeners to develop an appreciation for it.

So join us as we kindle a North American verité movement (we’re happy for our European, Asian, African and Australian friends to take part as well). And get it together by January 15th!

For full submission guidelines, go to

Send questions to

In friendship,

Jennifer, Shea, and Jesse at Big Shed.

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