Call for Audio / Multimedia Submissions – Storyscape

No $ for this, but it's a very cool site. Might be good for that project you just want to see light.


Storyscape, an online literary and arts journal that is “story centered,” is actively pursuing audio, art, mixed media, and multi-media works that explore the concept of “story” from a non-textual perspective. The mission of Storyscape Journal is to collect stories in all their forms and formats. We get particularly excited when we publish stories that have no… you know… words. Or, at least, no words you can SEE.

We’re looking for audio, and this is where you come in.

Submit your audio, video, multimedia, and thing-we-can’t-describe-because-we’ve-never-seen-it-before (gasp) by link or by .mp3 or by whatchamacallit HERE:

To check out the site:

Our mission statement:
Our submission guidelines:

Past contributors include: Amber Boardman, Ken Cormier, David Shapiro, Stephanie Chambers, Tereza Swanda, Ryan Scammell, and many more.

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