Northcoast Environmental Center journal seeks writers (volunteer)

Hey folks. A new North coast environmental journal is looking for volunteer writers. I know, I know – volunteer – but this is a good opportunity for students or other newbies who are looking for clips. I know the editor and she's a total pro, so this is a great chance to get edited by a professional team and get clips for your portfolio. That is worth something if you're just getting started. Contact for more information.


The Northcoast Environmental Center publishes a journal focusing on forestry policy and environmental news.  Volunteer writers are needed for assignments, and pitches are welcome.  This is a great opportunity for law students, environmental science students, or journalism students to see their name in print.  Stories are read by an educated community, so you won't have to shy away from the details.  You will make great contact within the environmental community, and learn about the biggest news items in the forestry field.  Stories must be related to the Northcoast area, although this isn't hard given the breadth of forestry impacts in this area, and the local nexus of state-wide and national policy endeavors.    
If you are interested in writing a 300, 500, 800 or 1200 word story, please send a short pitch or request for an assignment to the editor. Include links to published work or an attached writing sample.  Final stories should also include photos.  

Amy Coombs Editor, EcoNews Northcoast Environmental Center (415) 407-3739 (cell)

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