a note about the last FC West gathering

See the following note from FC West coordinator Jen Ward. I'll take it as a good sign that there were enough people out to have two complete groups at Luka's!


I’d like to offer an apology for any confusion connected with the different Freelance Café groups that met on Thursday. I didn’t receive a text sent to me by a group chilling in the back by the pool tables. Consequently, there were two Café groups at Luka’s Thursday night. From what I know, both groups had a blast, I’m just sorry we could not have hung out as one big group. In any case, a good time was had by all. We’ve got our eye on San Francisco for next month’s gathering. Maybe we’ll find a smaller spot, what do you say?


Jen Ward


Jennifer Inez Ward
Contributing Editor
Oakland Local


One thought on “a note about the last FC West gathering”

  1. I’m sorry that I missed the last week’s event. I went to my silk class and then went home because I was coming down with a cold 🙁

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