health coverage update from the CA Freelancer’s Guild

More info about getting health coverage from the CA Freelancer's Guild. They're getting very close!


Dear Friends,

Guild Freelancers is close to securing group health insurance. In
order to meet the letter of the law, we need to adopt an eligibility
process that offers concrete proof that we do not, as an organization,
exist only to provide health coverage for anyone who walks in the door
and pays dues.

With that in mind, we’ve crafted a provision for a two-tier
membership, one of which requires a track record in journalism and
qualifies the member for health coverage.

Please read our proposal carefully and offer all the comments,
questions, and objections that cross your mind. The deadline for
comment is Sept. 10. We will meet as a unit to ratify the plan Sept.

Once again, here are links to the cost tables provided by DublinSure.



Refer to a googlegroups posting of Aug. 20 for our timeline.

In solidarity,
Bill Snyder, Michael Fitzhugh and Rebecca Rosen Lum
Health Benefits Committee
Guild Freelancers

Eligibility Requirements
We propose creating two classes of membership in Guild Freelancer,
professional and general. Professional members will be eligible for
group health insurance, following 90 days of membership in good
standing. General members will not be eligible for group health
insurance. Guild freelancer members are responsible for self-reporting
any changes in status that would change their membership class.

Professional class is limited to persons substantially engaged
primarily in, and paid for, reporting and/or editing in either print,
broadcast or online, blogging, books, poetry, technical writing, copy
writing, design/illustration, audio/radio, photojournalism, video,
multimedia, or web design/production.

General membership is available to individuals engaged in occasional
writing, editing, etc. and to former journalists, journalism
educators, students, and supporters now engaged in occupations other
than journalism.

Adapted from the Investigative Reporters and Editors guidelines, “Who
can join”:

Other issues
•       We need to adopt a waiting period to minimize liability to the
Guild. The industry standard ranges from 90 days to six months; we are
opting for 90 days.
•       A review committee composed of the credentials chair, unit chair, a
Guild staff representative and three unit members will determine
eligibility for Professional Memberships.
•       The two-tiered membership includes a process for hearing appeals of
denials and/or disputes, with Representative Assembly of the Guild the
ultimate authority.

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