2 minute survey can create money for Spot.Us reporting

Hey all – this is from the folks at Spot.Us. They’re creating an entirely new model for funding independent reporting, and this is one way to help make it happen. I did it. It was strange, but satisfying. Kind of like Kiva.org for freelance reporters. Check it out! -mia


With less than 2 minutes and 4 clicks you can help independent freelancers make money…for free! You can raise a free $5 to help the reporter of your choice tackle an independent reporting project via Spot.Us. You’ll also get a quick peak at an innovative sponsorship model.1. Go to www.spot.us and hit “register” in the upper left h and corner.
2. Click the large button that says “Earn Credits”
3. Take the quick survey.
4. Your account now has $5 in credits and you’ll automatically be directed to a page that lists current Spot.Us projects. Click “Apply Credits” on the pitch of your choice.

Once confirmed, you’re done!
Thank you, thank you.

David Cohn

(310) 365-3600

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