MAPP seeks story artists for SF event, June 5

KALW's Martina Castro is planning a very cool event on June 5 for the Mission Arts and Performance Project and she needs your stories. Details follow. -Mia


Bringing Story Artists Together for MAPP

KALW Senior editor, radio producer, and reporter Martina Castro is planning an event for the upcoming Mission Arts and Performance Project on June 5th and is looking for "story artists" who would like to be on the program and perform a story. You can email her at if you are interested, with an idea of what your story would be and how long you would need to tell it (also please note if you would require any special equipment).

What is MAPP?

If by chance you don't know about MAPP, it's a bi-monthly event on a Saturday evening when performances are organized around the Mission District, so that people can walk to and from local spaces — cafes, restaurants, people's homes — and get to see local artists perform and hopefully get to join in. The spirit of MAPP is for things to be informal and inviting to the community and for people who partake — an act of "cultural activism," if you will.

What's special about this event?

For her first event in MAPP, Martina wanted to create a celebration of storytelling in all of its forms and mediums, bringing radio producers, print journalists, photographers, alongside musicians and traditionally recognized artists to share in the art of what we ALL do — tell good stories.

If you're a journalist, the idea is to bring one of your best audio or print stories, condense it to five or ten minutes (or less, if its super short, those are good too!) and either read it aloud or play it for the audience. The important thing would be to look for a way to create a live element to the story, perhaps you can cut out the tracks and read them aloud to a recording of your actualities…or think of an instrument that would sound good as a soundtrack and we can pair you up with a musician…feel free to be creative. 🙂

For musicians/singers/visual artists the idea would be to bring a work that comes with some storyline that you can share. If you are an instrumentalist and want to participate, we can pair you up with someone who will be reading a story so you can provide live soundtrack.

Martina needs to hear from you by Sunday May 23rd if you are interested in participating.

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested, and if you cant make it or don't want to this time around, there are many other ways to help out!

We are currently looking to borrow or rent the following materials:

— microphone
— microphone stand
— big seat cushions that can be used outdoors
— blankets that can be used outdoors
— folding chairs

— benches
— candles
— Christmas lights

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