A Wonderful Outing

Thanks to everyone who showed up to give Freelance Café Founder, Mia Lobel a great Bay Area welcome back. It was a real blast. We had everything happening; engag

The Cafe Crowd enjoying conversations and drinks.

ing conversations, funny stories, and freelancers giving each other cool, useful tips.

I loved the fact that we had many media sections represented, including documentary film, radio, graphic design, and print.

One of the cool things about our monthly Café social outings is how it brings together so many friendly people from diverse backgrounds. We are all freelancers, but we’re also Bay Area residents engaged in enriching, interesting crafts.

At last Thursday’s get together, we all agreed that it was fantastic having Mia back, even for a quick visit. It was like she never left, and that’s a good feeling.

Anyhoo, we’ll keep you updated on our upcoming activities. Spring has been a great success, so far.

Keep up the good work freelancers!

Freelance Café

Mia enjoying her time with the Freelance Cafe Group

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