doc screening March 10, 5:30pm AND singer/songwriter speakeasy March 12, 7:30pm

Hey all. First, thank you so much for the great turnout last week! I, for one, had a blast and I’m so glad there are other local freelancers who are game to get out and hang once in awhile. Second, a couple of the folks who came out last week have events coming up this week so I thought I’d pass along the info. Details below. Best, Mia PS: Our next gathering will be Thursday, March 25 at 7:30pm, Black Swan, Tivoli. Spread the word and hope to see you there!

FULL SIGNAL in the Hudson Valley Where: SUNY Dutchess, Poughkeepsie. When: Wednesday, March 10 Film screening: 5:30 p.m. Who: Open Invitation. Q&A with the director. Contact: Talal Jabari Phone: (302) 565-4948 Fax: (302) 565-4376

The Singer Songwriter Speakeasy *Friday March 12, 2010 @ 7:30pm* @*The Community Music Space * located in THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 54 Elizabeth Street, Red Hook , NY 12571 Get the MAP 845.444.0607 B


FULL SIGNAL, a controversial film providing insight into the reality of the health impact of cellular technology, and the rich industry behind it is coming to the Hudson Valley this March.

FULL SIGNAL, a multi-Award winning documentary, aims to elevate the voices, stories and successes of those fighting to regulate cell antenna placement, as well as to inform the general public about the real dangers potentially affecting every human being. FULL SIGNAL hears from Dr. David Carpenter, Professor Olle Johansson, Professor Leif Salford, Dr. Zamir Shalita, B. Blake Levitt and Dr. Louis Slesin; world-renowned health professionals and experts on cellular radiation in the United States, Europe and the Middle East on the reality of their findings as well as those of their peers. The science is brought to life through simple-yet-catchy 2D/3D hybrid motion graphics animation and is brought home through the stories of Rigmor Granlund-Lind, a sufferer of a condition known as ElectroHyperSensitivity, Sue and Michael Scott a husband and wife who bought an apartment in New York where the cellular radiation readings are very high, and Samira Azzam, a woman whose neighborhood was crowded with 70 cellular towers, and who suffered from cancer as a result. They talk about their experiences, but also about the fact that they are not the only ones to battle illnesses related to cellular technologies.

FULL SIGNAL talks to Evie Hantzopoulos, Leonore Gordon, Shimona Tzukernik, Suleiman Abu Rukun, two stories of success and two of failure in individuals trying to take on the cellular industry; and to Whitney North Seymour, Jr, a former NY State Senator and Independent Counsel, and Gabriel north Seymour, a Constitutional and environmental lawyer about their attempts to challenge the FCC in the Nationʼs Supreme Court.

FULL SIGNAL is being launched at a time when awareness of the dangers of extensive usage of cellular phones is continuously growing, however the knowledge of the health impacts of cell phone antennas remains somewhat elusive. FULL SIGNAL is the first film to connect the dots between cell phones and cell towers revealing a catch-22 scenario that over 3.5 billion people are gambling their health on daily.

The FULL SIGNAL documentary is complemented by an interactive component, at www., and multiple screening events planned for the general public in major cities across the country and around the globe throughout 2009-2010. For more information about FULL SIGNAL and to find a screening event near you, visit

Ana Sanjuan & Ben Senterfit cordially invite you to:

The Singer Songwriter Speakeasy @ The Community Music Space

*Friday March 12, 2010 @ 7:30pm*

Featuring outstanding singer songwriters

*Ben Senterfit**, *Red Hook *Steven Michael Pague,** *Claverack *Erin Hobson**, *Rhinebeck *Todd Guidice,** *Newburgh

Enjoy a night of exceptional music in an intimate listening room. * * *BRING A FRIEND. BRING YOUR BEVERAGE. * Speakeasy style.

*The Community Music Space* located in THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 54 Elizabeth Street, Red Hook , NY 12571 Get the MAP

845.444.0607 B

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“Soup-to-Nuts” documentary storytelling workshop, April 17-18, Berkeley

Hey all. My friend, mentor, and Freelance Cafe member Claire Schoen is offering her fabulous “Soup To Nuts” documentary storytelling workshop again in April. If you haven’t done this, you should. Details below. Best, Mia


“From Soup to Nuts” A 2-day intensive on documentary radio production offered in the San Francisco Bay Area

Logistics: This seminar will be held April 17 and 18, 2010. Each day’s class will run from 10 am to 5:30 pm, including 6 hours of class work, plus lunch and breaks.

It will be held at Claire’s studio in Berkeley, California Class will be limited to 8 students. The cost of the 2-day seminar is $250.

The Course: Through lectures, group discussion, Q & A, written handouts, and lots of audio demos, this two-day class will explore the ins and outs of creating a long-form radio documentary. Designed to meet the needs of mid-level producers, this seminar will also be accessible to individuals who have little or no experience in radio production.

Compelling audio documentary incorporates a creative weave of elements including narration, interviews, music, vérité scenes, character portraits, dramatizations, performances, archival tape and ambience beds. Students learn how these elements serve to paint a picture in sound.

Emphasis will be put on the production process. To this end, the class will examine the steps of concept development, research, pre-production, recording techniques, interviewing, writing, organizing tape, scripting, editing and mixing required to create an audio documentary.

Most importantly, we will focus on the art of storytelling. We will discuss dramatic structure, taking the listener through introduction, development and resolution of a story. And we will explore how character development brings the listener to the heart of the story.

The Teacher: Claire Schoen is a media producer, with a special focus on documentary radio. As a producer/director, she has created over 20 long-form radio documentaries and several documentary films, as well as numerous short works. As a sound designer she has recorded, edited and mixed sound for film, video, radio, webstory, museums and theater productions. Her radio documentaries have garnered numerous awards including NFCB Golden and Silver reels, two Gracies, two Clarion awards and a New York International Festival Silver. She has also shared in both a Peabody and a DuPont-Columbia.

Claire has taught documentary radio production at U.C. Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. She has also taught radio scriptwriting and production at numerous venues including AIR’s mentorship program and the Third Coast Festival Conference.

To Register: Contact Claire Schoen • 510-540-5106 •

pdf iconStoN’s Flier (April 10).pdf

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tape-synch in SF tomorrow (Friday) for The World

Anyone available? Experienced synchers only, please. Contact “Adeline Sire” -mia


We need someone to do a tape-synch for us tomorrow in San Francisco, Pacific Heights neighborhood, round 8:30 AM. And we need the sound sent immediately to us after the interview. Any thoughts? Please let me know, we pay $100.00.

Thanks. Adele

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More Acquisition Updates from Liaison’s Desk

More freelance radio show updates from Paul Ingles. -mia


I’m hearing back from other programs now:


William Troop: Our program is accepting pitches from independents. The pitches can go to our two planning editors: and We ask that anybody pitching keep in mind that we are an international news program, so pitches need to be on international angles and be newsy to some degree. Standard feature rate is $115 per minute aired. There are also rates for providing web content (pictures, slideshows, etc.) with the caveat there that the quality of the submissions (as assessed by our web team) affects how much we pay for them.


Kathleen McKenna: Due to budget constraints, Here and Now, is not taking pitches from independent producers at this time.


Lester Graham: Yes, we’re accepting pitches from EXPERIENCED independents. Stories must be relevant to the everyday lives of the majority of the audience. We are a national show and stories must have a national perspective. Before pitching, producers should carefully read our Submission Guidelines:

We pay $400 for a 3:50 piece (including lead) and an additional $40 for the same piece cut down to 2:15. We pay $40 for a spot and an additional $20 for a two-way for our daily show.


John Haas: All three Marketplace programs are accepting pitches from independents and John is the pitch contact: The rates for features generally range between $300 – $600 depending on length and reporting difficulty.

John also shared these helpful notes for pitching to Marketplace:

Celeste Wesson, the senior producer for Marketplace, recently did a great workshop for some station reporters on pitching, and wrote up these suggestions. Thought you’d like seeing what she said.

Pitch workshop notes

What is a pitch? A reporter might say… a summary of the story; a sales pitch

From my POV as a show producer… The written pitch may be the only thing I know about you. So not only does it tell me your story idea, it also tells me how well you write, how you think, what kind of reporter you are. You’re not just selling the story, you are selling yourself as the storyteller.

If you eavesdropped on our pitch meeting, you’d probably hear us turning down pitches for reasons like these: I don’t understand what this story is about. That’s not new. Where’s the Marketplace? Too local. Can s/he write in our style?

Turning those negatives into positive pitch guidelines:

* The frame or angle is crucial – what’s the import, the context, and the approach * It’s now, it’s news, it’s fresh * It’s about money, business, the economy – or uses those as a lens on how we live * It’s clear why people all over the country would care * It’s written clearly, conversationally, even cleverly – and gets to the point

Here’s a list of things that may inspire your pitch. But by themselves, they aren’t enough:

* A question * An idea * An overview * An issue * An event (especially not a conference) * A character * An anecdote * An unattributed paragraph from a newspaper story

*FROM JARED WEISSBROT: SOUNDPRINT* is always open for documentary pitches — there’s a submission form linked on our website, and part of your proposal evaluation is based on finding the form :). Responses will generally be slow — production meetings are difficult to schedule and front-loaded with a currently-very-busy production pipeline. Pestering me does help you get results, is entirely appropriate, and will not arise my ire. Go ahead and guilt me — I can take it 🙂

YOUR BEST BET IS TO HAVE SOMETHING FOR US TO LISTEN TO. I cannot stress that enough. As far as pitches are concerned, we are currently in acquisition mode almost exclusively — especially if we haven’t worked with you before from soup-to-nuts. Our time is 25:30. We’ll listen to any length, but if your piece isn’t going to work at around 5/12ths-hour, you will likely have more success elsewhere. We do not run hour-long specials within the series, but we will take pieces that work at 29:00 (minus :30 for music bed and about 3:00 for host lead, credits, backs, and forward promotion). We will gladly work with you on reversioning longer-form pieces that we like. It’s doubtful that we’d work with you on reversioning longer-form pieces that we *don’t* like.

We pay more than the lower rates, and less than the highest rates, per produced minute (we know you gotta eat; but we’re a volume-buyer). We will gladly offer technical assistance, including some mixing&mastering assistance, without affecting your rate. This is for us, too — the flip side is that we often will request technical adjustments.

We have no set topics or themes that will make your piece more or less likely to be acquired. We like good, rich sound, clear and personal writing/storytelling, and stories which can translate/appeal to a national and international audience (along those lines, national and international rights need to be free and clear — if international is a problem, you have to let us know).

Hope this helps!


Paul Ingles Independent Producer / Reporter NPR Liaison to Independent Producers 505-255-1219

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Acquisitions Update – who is taking what from radio freelancers

This incredibly valuable information for radio freelancers, from Paul Ingles, the NPR Liaison to Independent Producers. Please note that much of the radio information I send on to this group comes from AIR – the Association of Independents in Radio I have been a member for a long time and it’s an incredibly valuable resource. Please check them out if you’re interested. Best, Mia


At the request of Sue Schardt, I have been trying to contact various show producers to get an update on whether they are actively acquiring content from independents, and update rates paid. Response has been fast from some, slower from others, with no response from several – so far. Here’s what I’ve heard from those who’ve responded:


Ellen Weiss: Fiscal year 2010 looks better but NPR is still chipping away at a deficit so “we are holding the line on expenses – and the close scrutiny and high bar we put into place (on story submissions) remain….and will for the foreseeable future. The current rate system (based on expierence tiers and story enterprise levels) remains the same.”


Eileen Bolinksy: LOE is accepting a limited number of acquisitions from independents. Producers can pitch to me at this email address We pay $100/minute, plus previously approved expenses.

*WORD OF MOUTH (New Hampshire Public Radio)*

Avishay Artsy: We are accepting pitches from independents. We take produced features (at $60/minute) and scripted two-way interviews (for $150). The show’s focus is the same: new ideas and trends in science, technology, popular culture, the arts, and other fields.


Leda Hartman: The WVR continues to accept pitches from domestic and overseas reporters. Our pitch meetings take place on Wednesday afternoons, US eastern time. We’re on the lookout for pieces about poverty and justice (broadly defined) that highlight the personal stories of ordinary people, and are rich in scenes and nat sound. We’re especially interested in surprising, out-of-the-box and under-reported stories that tell us something unique about life in the developing world. Our mix is about 80% international stories and 20% domestic. Pitches can be sent to the assignment editor, Leda Hartman, at If you’re pitching for the first time, please include a couple of audio samples of your work.

The WVR pays $450 for a feature under 4 minutes; $650 for a feature 4-6 minutes long; and $750 for a feature more than 6 minutes. We also run shorter, less conventional segments, including reporter’s notebooks ($300); street vendor segments ($250); cooking segments ($250); trackless “in their own words” segments ($200); photos and blogs ($25-$50). After the first piece, we will consider paying travel expenses if the expense estimate is submitted at the time of the pitch.

*AARP PRIME TIME POSTSCRIPT* ** Janelle Haskell: I am definitely still seeking submissions for Prime Time Postscript, the weekly 5-minute feature. Pieces need to be fully produced, between 4:00 and 4:15 in length, have not been broadcast previously *nationally, *and appeal to the 50+ audience (meaning on topics of every variety). We pay $350 for the spot and an extra $50 for fully cleared photos to use on the website.

*BBC AMERICANA* ** David Schulman: Not taking many traditional reported pieces from independents as the show draws on the strengths of its host Matt Frei. Are using independents for “enchanced” tape synchs that might involve extra sound gathering. Still, listen to the show and if a story idea that would suit the program’s style comes to mind, pitch away: Rates for a basic tape synch $175 flat fee. Enhanced tape synchs – $225. Buying from PRX (occasionally) at $60 per minute. David suggest keeping your AIR DIRECTORY listing current, because that’s where they go first to look for synch and reporting help where they need it.

These are programs I’m still nudging to hear back from: Studio 360, Latino USA, Splendid Table, Only A Game, Here and Now, Environment Report, Marketplace, The World, Soundprint. If there are other acquirers you are anxious to hear about, let me know and I’ll try to get in touch with them.


Paul Ingles Independent Producer / Reporter NPR Liaison to Independent Producers 505-255-1219

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next Hudson Valley freelancer gathering TOMORROW Thursday, 3/4, 7:30pm

Hello Hudson Valley freelancers!

We are ON for tomorrow – come gather, drink, and be merry – out of the house with other independent-minded adults.

Thursday, March 4 7:30pm until the Coors Girls show up (last month that was around 11:30pm) The Black Swan, Tivoli

Spread the word, and hope to see you there! Best, Mia 845-444-4034

PS: I’ll bcc everyone next time but I thought you might want to see who else might come out.

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Pub Trivia Night

Show ’em what brains it takes to be a freelancer. -m


Many of you have expressed interested in creating a Freelance Cafe team for pub trivia. Let’s give it a try! We’ll meet at Rose & Crown Pub in Palo Alto at 7:45PM on Tuesday March 9th to grab a table/beer/food. Trivia starts at 9PM. The pub is within walking distance to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station. The address is 547 Emerson Avenue. Please bring id (they check). See you there! Rori 415-730-7380

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TAL looking for Tough Guys

TAL looking for submissions, STAT! -mia

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Entry Deadline Extended for the 2010 Casey Medals Competition

Want to put an award on your resume? Extended deadline = room for possibility in my book. Go for it! -mia


[image: JCCF logo]

Deadline Extended

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Fun Wednesday press event – benefit for Yerba Buena

Hey all. I don’t usually pass on this sort of thing, but there could be a good economics or housing story in here somewhere. And it includes a free cruise. 😉 Press event details below. -Mia


Kewl event below, especially the free Bay Cruise aboard the “USS Potomac” from Oakland to SF!

WHEN: Wednesday, March 3 11am: Cross the Bay from Oakland’s Jack London Square with “Six Presidents” and “Willie L. Brown, Jr.” aboard FDR’s Presidential Yacht “USS Potomac”. Breakfast provided. 11:30am: “Potomac” Docks at Pier E — SF Ferry Building 11:45am: “Motorized Cable Car” leaves for “Dream House” Secret Location in San Francisco’s Noe Valley (shhh! It’s a secret! 12noon: Reception / Tour of $3 million “Dream House” 1pm: Return to Ferry Building and/or Oakland’s Jack London Square


VIPS IN ATENDANCE AT “Dream House” San Francisco Supervisors Bevan Dufty & David Campos, SF Treasure Jose Cisneros SFCVB President Joe D’Alessandro, Port Commission President Rodney Fong, Donna Sachet, Harry Denton and MUMC President Stephen Adams will all be at the 12noon reception at the house. Also, we’ll be unveiling the new TV PSA that day, starring former Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. who very well may be there in person.

DETAILS: *Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Sponsors 2nd Annual “Dream House Raffle”* * * *Raffle Tickets Go On Sale March 3 when “Dream House” Is Unveiled to Media in* *“By Land & By Sea” Promotion * * * *Former Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. Serves as “Dream House”* *PSA Spokesman for Second Year* * * *Winners Drawn July 10* *1st prize: $3 Million San Francisco “Dream House” or $1.5 Million in Cash.* *More than $350,000 in additional winnings* * * *“1-in-100”Chance to Win a Prize!*

There’s no place like home; and nothing like winning one worth $3 million or $1.5 million in cash if you are the ticket winner for the *2nd Annual Yerba Buena Center for the Arts “Dream House Raffle”*.* * On Wednesday, March 3, 2010 tickets will go on sale for the widely anticipated sequel to last year’s fundraising effort for the iconic nonprofit arts center in downtown San Francisco. On that day, the location of the house – a closely guarded secret – will be unveiled to members of the press at a special mid-day reception. Former San Francisco Mayor *Willie L. Brown, Jr. *is again this year starring in the campaign’s marketing campaign which will be unveiled at the March 3rd reception. Attendees will be ferried in from around the Bay onboard President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s yacht *Potomac* before being “blind-folded” for transport on a cable car to the secret location of “The Dream House.” Winners will be announced on July 10, 2010.

If you’d like to be part of a fun event — the kick-off the 2nd Annual “Dream House” Raffle benefiting Yerba Buena Center for the Arts — drop an email / call David Perry at (415) 676-7007 /

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