Freelancer’s Gathering next Thursday, Feb 25, 7pm

Hey folks. The next freelancer’s gathering is coming up next Thursday:

February 25th 7PM Pacific Coast Brewery (906 Washington Street, Oakland)

And I have a favor to ask of y’all. I’m working on getting the website into some kind of passable shape (and yes, those of you who’ve been in the group for awhile know that I’ve done this before, but I really mean it this time!) So I want to know – what do YOU want on the website? Do you want it to just be an RSS feed of the posts I send, eventually replacing this email list? Do you want it to be a repository for resources, events, tools, etc. relevant to freelancers? (Freelance Folder posts some great articles about freelancing, so I don’t want to copy what they do.) Do you want it to be a place to post your own links, blogs, interesting work you’re doing, etc. with highlights of individual freelancers from time to time? Something else entirely?

If you have a chance to brainstorm about any of this stuff next Thursday, I would be grateful. And just pass on whatever notes you have through Molly or Rori or our newest FC guru Jen Ward. And if you can’t make it on Thursday but have some thoughts on the site anyway, just shoot me an email.

And finally – if you are a talented wordpress designer and are just dying to make us a lovely site, let me know. This is currently a labor of love, but you’d get a web credit, something for your portfolio, some cash as soon as I manage to find some funding for this sucker, and my undying gratitude. I never, EVER encourage freelancers to work for nothing. This is a personal project and it makes me happy, so please only offer your services if you want to do it for fun (and a bit of good karma.)

Happy gathering! Best, Mia 845-444-4034

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