SF State course on Business Journalism

Hey folks. Spreading the word about a new business journalism course at SF State, focusing on the biotech industry. Sounds pretty interesting. -Mia


*Professional and aspiring journalists should check out this great opportunity to develop skills in specialized business reporting. San Francisco State University’s College of Extended Learning is offering Jour 667-02, Business Journalism. Former Chronicle business reporter Bernadette Tansey will teach this class, which focuses on the biotech industry. **The class meets Tuesdays, 6-8:30 p.m. at the Downtown Center on Market Street. Register Today: **www.cel.sfsu.edu* http://www.cel.sfsu.edu/* OR Call 415-405-7700 ext. 5. Class begins Jan. 26. * *The Bay Area is one of the most innovative regions in the country and you have the advantage of exploring journalism here. Equip yourself for 21st **Century journalism. Learn how to cover cutting-edge enterprises that are transforming global culture. From Stem Cells to Cell Phone Apps, technology is changing lifestyles and life spans. Whether your favorite beat is science, travel, sports or politics, your reporting will be stronger if you understand the impact of technology and the basics of business. *

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  1. Hi Mia,
    Thanks for the nice write-up for my journalism class, which I just saw on the Freelance Cafe site. By coincidence, I had just attended the CPA workshop given by Jason Stallcup, so I had a little intro to the Freelance Cafe. I’d love to get to know your members. I’m really excited about teaching this class, which is for people interested in covering electronic media as well as biotech. I designed it to give journalists an edge in a number of skills that can help them get jobs and better pay: 1) the basics of business journalism 2) looking for technology angles in all their stories 3) developing a constant stream of story ideas so they can blog or cover a beat 52 weeks a year, and 4) building a “Beat Toolkit” that will help them work efficiently. The class starts Jan 26 in downtown San Francisco. People should sign up soon if they’re interested. E-mail me, Mia… we have a lot of things in common! — Bernadette

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