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Are you an avid FreelanceFolder reader or someone who has always wanted to write for an audience of freelancers? Are you a top professional in your field with unique skills and the ability to write? Have you been freelancing for so long that you just have plenty of wisdom to share?

If any of that describes you, or if you just want to write for FreelanceFolder — then now is your chance. We are looking to expand our core FreelanceFolder team, and we are ready to hire two new paid writers on a long-term basis. Here’s what’s in it for you:

– Payment for every article written. – Exposure to an audience of over 20k subscribers. – Author by-line and photo on everything you write. – Become a part of our team and help a lot of freelancers. If you’re interested in applying to write for us, you can find all of the requirements and instructions after the read more link. Job Requirements So you’ve decided that you want to write for FreelanceFolder — that’s awesome.

Before you send us an application, though, make sure to check out the requirements below to see if you’re a good fit for the job. Here’s what we’re looking for in our new writers:

– Excellent Spelling & Grammar. We do edit all of the posts that get published, but you need to have really great spelling and grammar so that it’s not too difficult for our editors. – Long-Term Commitment. Some of our writers have been with us for over a year — and that’s how we like it. This could be a very stable income for you if the fit is right, so make sure you can write at least 4 articles per month and are committed to helping out over the long-term. – Practical & Valuable Writing. We want to provide the best possible content for freelancers, so we’re looking for authors who are comfortable writing practical, hands-on, concrete stuff. We’re looking for tutorials, how-tos, and other really useful articles. – Basic HTML and Image Editing Skill. Most of the posts you’ll be writing will require some basic HTML (like headlines, lists, etc…) and basic image editing skills. It will be really helpful if you have these already, though we can teach them pretty easily. – Unique Ideas and Information. A big part of having great content is coming up with great ideas for articles or content that aren’t written about everywhere. We’re looking for authors who can think ahead of the crowd and write articles that are new, unique, and exclusive to FreelanceFolder.How To Apply If you’re interested in applying, just send us a message using this contact form. In the subject line, put “Writer Application” and then in the body of your message include the following information:

– Why do you want to write for FreelanceFolder? – Where can we see examples of your previous work? – Do you meet all of our above requirements? Why or why not? – How much do you charge for an 800-1200 word article with lots of usable information and detail? – Can you write How-Tos and Tutorials? – Do you have a specific topic or specialty you’d like to write about? – Any questions for us? Apply to be a FreelanceFolder writer →

We’re all looking forward to expanding our team, and I’m really excited to start working with some of you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we will definitely be in touch shortly!

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