2016 ShortDocs Challenge – Radio Cinema – from Third Coast, deadline May 17

This is probably my favorite competition out there – the Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge. And this year's theme is so much fun – finding inspiration from mini-movies! Details are below – deadline is May 17. GO FOR IT!


The 2016 ShortDocs Challenge: Radio Cinema is live live live. 

This year’s Challenge is all about getting inspired by conventions of film. Let's show the world that RADIO really is the most visual of mediums.

Our artistic partner is Manual Cinema, an amazing film-inspired collective based in Chicago (you mighta seen them at Pop-Up Magazine last year.) Rule #1 of the Radio Cinema Challenge? Get inspired by one of their made-just-for-ShortDocs mini-movies

A couple of cool things about this year's ShortDocs Challenge:

1. ALL the submissions go up on our website (like always!) 

2. A winning piece will be chosen by Manual Cinema & turned into a live-on-stage cinematic performance.

3. Four ShortDocs winners will receive gratis registration to the 2016 Third Coast Conference (Nov 11-13) & other perks galore. 

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