Latino USA Expansion and Call for Pitches

Awesome news in radioland – Latino USA is expanding and wants pitches! Details below. -Mia

NPR’s Latino USA is delighted to announce that our weekly program will be expanding to an hour later this year, with a fresh, updated format. In anticipation, we are actively inviting story pitches from news directors, station-based reporters and independent producers from all over the country.
Here’s the link to LUSA’s new reporter guidelines, with the show’s standards and specs.

We’re also testing out new, creative approaches and themes for covering the Latino experience in America and beyond, and we welcome your ideas.
In addition to general pitches, the show is specifically interested in:

  • Hard news stories
  • Social justice stories that focus notions of citizenship and belonging, including immigration
  • Stories about environmental stewardship and outdoor adventure 
  • Cultural stories about Latino music, food, art, history and literature, and their transformation in the US
  • Stories that show how Latinos intersect with the rest of America
  • “Bocaditos” (“little mouthfuls”)

Please send pitches to If you need further guidance or would like examples of particular stories, please include that in your message.
All best,
The Latino USA Editorial Team

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