CPB/PBS Producers Academy – call for applications

Forwarded from AIR, here's a great opportunity from the CPB. -Mia

CPB/PBS Producers Academy

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) invite you to participate in the 2013 Producers Academy at WGBH. The CPB/PBS Producers Academy offers professional development activities designed to identify public broadcasting’s next generation of creative talent.

In the belief that the best producers enhance their production skills and their own creative energy by working and interacting with others, the Producers Academy seeks to: 1) encourage formal learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced producers, 2) facilitate relationship building in a business based on relationships, 3) offer exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences both inside and outside of the public television environment.

The CPB/PBS Producers Academy is open to both station-connected and
independent producers. Those selected will be chosen for their production talent, commitment to public broadcasting and potential for success in the program.

For more information contact: Kathryn Lo at PBS – producers_academy@pbs.org or Angie Palmer at CPB – apalmer@cpb.org.

For the application and more info (PDF):

About the CPB/PBS Producers Academy at WGBH

“It was the best professional development experience of my career, bar
none. I feel fortunate and humbled to have been chosen to participate. It was a mind altering and life changing experience.” – Beverly Penninger, 2010 Workshop

I honestly learned more during the workshop than I did in three semesters of graduate producing courses. Not a critique of my grad school but a testament to the amazing program put together. – Bao Nguyen, 2011 Workshop

The 2013 CPB/PBS Producers Academy will be held at WGBH-Boston during the week of Saturday, March 30 through Friday, April 5. It has been developed for producers who create or intend to create works for public broadcasting, either through a station or independently. It is an opportunity for these producers to work intensively on the skills that will benefit them most, through classes and through direct contact with some of public television's most talented personnel.

The definition of "producer" includes producer/writers and producer/directors; individuals who have worked locally as well as nationally, in all genres of programming; professionals who work in video, film, and interactive media; and those who work in studio-based as well as field production. Please note that this program is not for beginners.

Over its eleven-year life, the CPB/PBS Producers Academy has accepted participants from 43 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Many of these producers have since contributed to public television's signature programming (American Experience, History Detectives, African American Lives, Latin Music U*S*A*, Freedom Riders). They have made programming for local and regional broadcast (New Jersey Legacies, Oregon Field Story, Greater Boston Arts) and online (Katrina Film Project, Journey to Planet Earth Web site). Their independent films (More Than A Month, Promised Land, A Son’s Sacrifice, Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Green, The Eyes of Me, The Longoria Affair) have reached national PBS air.

To learn more about past Academy producers, visit

The 25 producers selected for the 2013 Workshop will receive scholarships that pay for the cost of the program and the week's travel and living expenses.

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