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Leave it to the folks at Bard College to seek submissions for a Zappa book. Details below.


Frank Zappa and Popular Music
Edited by Paul Carr.
Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series

Contributions are sought for an edited book on the social, cultural and musical impact of Frank Zappa’s contribution to the popular music canon. The book will act as a long overdue academic text on Zappa’s legacy, and will examine a range of themes that are pertinent to his life and music. Content of the publication will be broad and aim to address themes that have not been explored in detail before.

Current contributors include Ben Watson (Author of The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play), Richard Hand (the founding co-editor of the Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance) and Michel Delville (Author of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the Secret History of Maximalism)

Proposals for the volume should examine a specific theme that is pertinent to Zappa’s life, legacy and idiolect. Though are not limited to, the following are suggested as potential themes of exploration:
 1. Zappa and God
 2. Zappa and Jazz
 3. Zappa and Classical Music
 4. Zappa and Musicology
 5. Zappa and Death
 6. Zappa and the 60’s
 7. Zappa and his musical legacy
 8. Zappa and his Fans
Full titles for the proposal should be constructed as follows:
 Zappa and [Theme]: subtitle that more specifically describes essay

Deadline for Proposals: September 6th 2010.
Deadline for Completed Articles: May 2nd 2011.
Deadline for Final Edits: July 4th 2011.

Please send proposals of 300 words outlining your submission to pcarr@glam.ac.uk <mailto:pcarr@glam.ac.uk>

Potential authors will be informed of the editorial team’s decision by October 11th 2010.

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