Digital Arts Service Corps – 1 year paid media positions

Yet again, not a high paying gig, but good for a recent grad or someone who wants some real-world experience. Plus partial health benefits and loan deferment/education award. Details below.


*Year-Long Paid Media Positions! Join the Digital Arts Service Corps! * * * The *Digital Arts Service Corps* is an initiative of the Transmission Project, a grantee of the Massachusetts state office of the Corporation for National and Community Service, is located at the College of Public and Community Serviceat the University of Massachusetts, Boston

They are coordinating a wide range of positions at community media projects around the U.S., being made available through the national Americorps*VISTA program that deploys national service volunteers to public media and technology organizations that strengthen low-income and at-risk communities and the nonprofit organizations that serve them.

These include positions at: National Radio Project, Oakland CA Center for Media Justice, Oakland CA Free Speech Radio News, Madison WI Prometheus Radio Project, Philadelphia PA Public Radio Exchange, Cambridge, MA Urbana Champagne Independent Media Center, IL Reclaim the Media, Seattle, WA

You can find the complete list of positions here:

But be sure to check the individual sites for more details, job descriptions, and additional benefits that might be available.

AmeriCorps*VISTA members are not volunteers. Instead, you will be charged with a broad responsibility for meeting goals and successfully bringing important community projects to completion. AmeriCorps*VISTA members serve full-time for one year (365 days).

*Benefits of Service* In return for your service, AmeriCorps*VISTA and the Digital Arts Service Corps has many benefits, some more valuable than others:

– $12,000 – $15,000/year living allowance. This amount varies based upon the community in which you serve. – $5,350 Education Award or $1,500 stipend paid at the successful completion of your year of service – Student loan deferment or forbearance on qualified loans – Limited health benefits and prescription drug coverage – Serve as part of a national team, facilitated by the Transmission Project, to share resources, experience and advice – The opportunity to gain high-level experience, skills and access within the nonprofit sector. Many of our alumni have gone on to full-time employment within their organization or another as a result of their service within the Digital Arts Service Corps

*Eligibility* AmeriCorps*VISTA candidates must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident, be team-oriented, and be willing to take on a wide range of challenges. Some listings may require college degrees or previous work experience. You must be at least 17 years old. There is no upper age limit, and many AmeriCorps*VISTA members bring significant work and life experiences to their assignment. Self-initiative, flexibility and organizational skills are a must.

*You must be available to serve full-time for one year and are prohibited from outside employment or attending full-time college during your year of service.*


Just want to add a quick supportive comment here —

I’ve been serving as a Digital Arts Service Corps VISTA at NY Media Alliance, upstate in Troy, NY, for the past 9 months, and I have had a fantastic time. I haven’t been able to really save money, travel much, or buy a lot of stuff, but as a 20-something willing to move to a new community, the chance to work at a grassroots media production, advocacy, and/or education organization, get paid a small amount, get half-decent health insurance, and have my student loans deferred is far more appealing than slogging through a retail job while holding unpaid internships with commercial or public radio/media organizations. I’m engaging with a new, dedicated community, learning tons of new audio/video and web-related skills, and making connections in the nonprofit arts and media worlds too.

Many of the nonprofits offering Transmission Project/DASC VISTA positions would otherwise be unable to hire a full-time staff person for these jobs, so you have the opportunity to help them grow in really significant ways.

It’s worth noting that not all of the positions listed on will ultimately be funded, perhaps even after you’ve interviewed with an organization and they’ve decided to bring you on as a DASC VISTA. This is how the Transmission Project runs, given their limited governmental funding for the project, and though it’s not their fault, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, I would still recommend applying to one or more positions if you’re in a similar place in your life. You can contact directors Ben or Belinda (and not me please! I don’t represent the Transmission Project, I’m just a member) with further questions:

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