@Reveal Investigative Fellowships for journos of color, deadline Sept 12

Just a couple days left to apply for this Reveal Fellowship. Details at https://www.revealnews.org/job-opportunities/reveal-investigative-fellowship/ and below. -Mia
Reveal Investigative Fellowship

The lack of diversity in the investigative journalism community is striking. Just look around at any leading investigative journalism conference to witness the glaring absence of journalists of color. The impact of this disparity can be profound. It affects the kinds of stories that are pursued, the sources consulted and the journalism produced. The result is an incomplete narrative shaped by the very sector of journalism intended to reveal the most about our society and the world.

Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting is launching a new project-based fellowship for emerging journalists of color. The Reveal Investigative Fellowship will emphasize development of investigative reporting skills andpromote diversity in journalism by helping build a pipeline of investigative reporters whose diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests will enrich the entire profession.

The fellowship, made possible through the generous support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, is intended for experienced working journalists already employed by another media outlet. Full-time freelance journalists also are encouraged to apply.

This fellowship opportunity is extended to U.S.-based journalists of color,with a particular focus on those reporting from or about underserved areas of poverty in the American South and the Southwest, as well as urban areas.

Fellows will travel to CIR’s San Francisco Bay Area headquarters for several consecutive weeks of embedded training. The rest of the yearlong fellowship will be spent at their home outlets or communities.

Fellows will receive a $10,000 stipend and a full year of mentoring and guidance from Reveal editors, producers and reporters. Support from Reveal staff will include coaching on data analysis, document requests, interviewing and vetting of sources, interviewing for audio and more – tailored to each fellow’s needs. In addition to the stipend, the fellowship pays for attendance during the fellowship year at the Investigative Reporters and Editors national conference or another investigative conference.

By the conclusion of the year, the fellows are expected to produce an investigation (a single story or series) for their home outlets and for one or more of Reveal’s properties, which include an hourlong public radio show broadcast on 300 stations nationwide, a podcast and the RevealNews.org website. Freelance journalists will have their projects published across one or more Reveal platforms and, where appropriate, receive assistance in pitching their work to a relevant outlet.  

Selection of the fellows begins with an application that includes an investigative story proposal. Reveal will help the top candidates refine their pitches and select up to four fellows a year for each of the next three years. Those finalists not chosen for the first year may reapply the next year. Text, multimedia and radio/audio reporters and producers all are encouraged to apply.

Before being awarded a fellowship, all finalists working at a home outlet will need to provide a letter from a supervising editor confirming the outlet’s willingness to allow the journalist to participate and co-publish the resulting work. If not selected, applicants’ story ideas will remain confidential.

To apply, fill out this form by Sept. 12. Questions about the application process can be sent to fellowship Director Martin G. Reynolds at mreynolds@cironline.org.

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2 upcoming SF Podcast and Radio Storytelling Classes from @WritingPadUS

Writing Pad’s podcasting and radio storytelling courses start next week w/ NPR/KALW’s Casey Miner and Julie Caine and Snap Judgment’s Davey Kim. Friends of Freelance Cafe get a discount.

15% off the class by using the code FREELANCE.


Casey is the host and executive producer of NPR/KALW’s The Specialist and has been on multiple NPR shows. Julie Caine, her producer will be co-teaching with her. They will help you conceive, develop & produce an outline for your podcast & record a teaser. They will teach you interviewing techniques, sound editing, using music, archival material +more. Class includes a recording session at a professional studio.

PODCASTING 5 WK w/ Casey Miner and Julie Caine (The Specialist, NPR)


Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19 (4 Wed. nights, 1 professional recording session)


Davey Kim is a producer of Snap Judgment and a radio journalist who has been on multiple NPR shows. In this class, Davey shares the Snap Judgment guidelines, themes and helps you craft a pro radio story. He helps you transform a real-life event into a deep, moving tale. You workshop it twice plus get performance notes. On the last class, you record your story at Snap Judgment studios and get a professionally recorded clip from Davey. 7 students have gotten on the radio and have been paid from this class!

RADIO STORYTELLING 5 WK w/ Davey Kim (Snap Judgment, NPR)


Sept 19, 26, Oct 17, 24, Nov 7 (4 Sun. nights, 1 recording session) 7-10 p.m.


Writing Pad

the best writing classes ever







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KALW seeks p/t Project Manager for live storytelling events, app deadline Sept 25

KALW is hiring a part-time project manager for their live storytelling events. Details below! Application deadline Sept 25.


91.7 KALW public radio, an NPR and BBC affiliate station serving the San Francisco Bay Area, is hiring a part-time contract project manager to plan and coordinate two live stage events for our branded series Sights & Sounds Live.

Sights & Sounds Live is a part of Sights & Sounds of the Bay Area, KALW’s arts coverage project that aims to shine a light on creators in Bay Area communities that are often mis- or under-represented in the media.  Through community events featuring dance, music, storytelling, and visual art – as well as multimedia presentations based on arts reporting from KALW’s newsmagazine Crosscurrents – we celebrate grassroots creativity and build new connections within and beyond these communities.

Over the past four years, KALW has produced and presented three Sights & Sounds Live events in San Francisco and the East Bay. For the 2016-2017 season, we will present two live events, one in Oakland and one in Richmond.


The Project Manager will work with KALW’s Sights & Sounds team, connect with partner organizations, determine and execute event needs, manage a budget with moving parts, document details before, during and after the event, and write summary reports.

Optimal candidates will be clear communicators, team players, well-organized, sharp with numbers, happy to meet with and rally all kinds of people, and passionate and knowledgeable about the arts in the East Bay, especially East Oakland and Richmond. Experience with event planning, performing arts production or related work preferred.

This is an independent contract position that will pay $20,000, beginning as early as October 1, 2016 and ending no later than September 30, 2017.

We encourage a diverse pool of applicants from a variety of backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.  Candidates must reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, and be able to attend meetings at KALW in San Francisco’s Portola district a minimum of once a week.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and references to KALWapplications@gmail.com. Please do not send formulaic cover letters — we want to know who you are beyond your resume! Application deadline is Sunday, September 25, 2016, 11:59 PT.

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Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation Grant Supports Investigative Reporting, deadlines Sept 26 and Oct 1

FYI freelancing friends – upcoming application deadlines Sept 26 and Oct 1

Grant applications are currently being accepted through the FIJ website, http://fij.org/grant-application/.


(Washington) – The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) is pleased to announce that for the fourth year in a row, the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation has donated $25,000 in support of FIJ’s grant-making program for independent investigative reporters.

The funds will support the work of freelance reporters whose investigations are published in US media outlets.

The Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation’s journalism program supports press freedom around the world and seeks to improve the quality of journalism through grants to American journalism schools, investigative reporting projects, and online investigative news centers.

FIJ board member David Ottaway also serves on the board of the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation.

Among the recently published FIJ projects underwritten by the Nicholas B. Ottaway Foundation:

Reporter Adriana Cardona-Maguigad traveled to Puerto Rico to investigate why an influx of drug addicts from Puerto Rico now lived on the streets of Chicago. She found that addicts were given one way tickets to Chicago and other big cities with promises of drug treatment. But those promises were broken. Cardona-Maguigad was interviewed about her investigation for the public radio program This American Life.

Vivekananda Nemana and Ankita Rao reported on the deliberate underreporting of malaria cases in India, which interferes with efforts to fight the disease.

Francesca Lyman investigated Savers, the thrift store chain, and found their claims about helping charities were vastly overblown.

Freelancer Jeanne Baron reported for NPR on World Bank projects that aim to fight poverty around the world, and found that while uprooting local people, project leaders don’t always follow World Bank rules for resettlements.

Sandra Bartlett reported for the national public radio program, Reveal, on “disposable” workers in South Korea and Vietnam – exposed to toxic chemicals, then to reproductive disorders and cancer. Many of the victims are young women.

For more than forty years, FIJ has covered expenses for reporters who have the ideas, sources, and know-how to produce groundbreaking investigative journalism but need resources to complete their projects.

Grant applications are currently being accepted through the FIJ website, http://fij.org/grant-application/, with an upcoming deadline of September 26.

FIJ is also collaborating with the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism on a diversity initiative funded by the Ford Foundation. Applications for grants and fellowships for diverse journalists are being accepted at https://investigate.submittable.com/submit, through October 1.

Sandy Bergo
Executive Director
Fund for Investigative Journalism
529 14th Street NW – 13th floor
Washington DC 20045
Selected for the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington

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upcoming radio/podcasting classes @WritingPadUS

Hey West Coast people. There are a bunch of great audio/podcasting courses being offered by @WritingPadUS this fall. Details below. Plus, get a 15% discount by using the coupon code FREELANCE. Woot!

PODCASTING 5 WK w/ Casey Miner and Julie Caine (The Specialist, NPR)
Sept. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12 (4 Wed. nights, 1 professional recording session)
RADIO STORYTELLING 5 WK w/ Davey Kim (Snap Judgment, NPR)
Sept 19, 26, Oct 17, 24, Nov 7 (4 Mon. nights, 1 recording session), 7-10 p.m., San Francisco
RADIO STORYTELLING 5 WK w/ Bob Carlson (Producer, Host KCRW’s Unfictional)


Sep 25, Oct 2, 16, 23, Nov. 6 (4 Sunday nights, 1 recording session), 6-9 p.m., Los Angeles

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SPJ Norcal Excellence in Journalism Awards – submission deadline Sept 12


— Aug. 25, 2016
Contact: Lila LaHood (415) 846-5346 or Liz Enochs (415) 323-0220

Know a journalist who has done brilliant work over the past year? Someone who does whatever it takes to get the story, photo or video? Whose dedication to our craft is second to none? Maybe that journalist is you! For the past 31 years, the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has selected from among the Bay Area’s best of the best for its acclaimed Excellence in Journalism Awards. These awards honor the journalists whose outstanding work embodies SPJ’s ideals of initiative, integrity, talent and compassion.

The contest entry site — awards.spjnorcal.org — is a one-stop shop for all your contest needs, including a short video with detailed, step-by-step instructions. Create an account, and the site will walk you through the rest.

We welcome entries from journalists producing work in emerging formats and recommend broad interpretation of award categories. Be sure to name everyone who played a significant role in producing the entry and explain how they were involved. Letters of nomination are encouraged.

See below for complete Contest Categories and Submission Guidelines.

Best of luck!



Honors individuals, teams or news organizations whose work demonstrates clear and accurate reporting and graceful writing on deadline. Judges will consider deadline pressure and complexity of subject.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three stories and related multimedia content.
Categories: Print/Online, Radio/Audio and TV/Video.

Honors individuals or teams that identify important issues and demonstrate initiative, persistence and resourcefulness in pursuing information that is restricted or not easily available.
Entry specifications: Submit one story or a series, along with any related multimedia content. If entering a series, please submit no more than four stories.
Categories: Radio/Audio, TV/Video, and Small and Large divisions* for Print/Online.

Honors journalists who increase readers’, listeners’ and/or viewers’ understanding of significant or complex issues. Entries may deepen understanding of issues in the news or may focus on issues largely uncovered by the media.
Entry specifications: Submit one story or a series, along with any related multimedia content. If entering a series, please submit no more than four stories.
Categories: Radio/Audio, TV/Video, and Small and Large divisions* for Print/Online.


Honors journalists and organizations whose primary focus is coverage of a well-defined community or neighborhood. Entries may include print publications, news broadcasts or news sites. University-supported projects are not eligible.
Entry specifications: This is for community-based outlets. Submit no more than five news stories and related multimedia content, or two news packages demonstrating the range and depth of local news coverage.
Categories: Print/Online, Radio/Audio and TV/Video.

Honors journalists for exceptional longform narrative writing. Judges will consider creativity, use of humor or drama, style, clarity and suitability of the writing to the subject.
Entry specifications: Submit one story or a series, along with any related multimedia content. If entering a series, please submit no more than four stories.
Categories: Radio/Audio, TV/Video, and Small and Large divisions* for Print/Online.

Honors individuals for exceptional commentary, analysis and editorials. Entries may include bylined or unsigned content. News-related blogs are also eligible. Judges will consider quality of expression, clarity and originality.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three samples.
Categories: Print/Online, Radio/Audio and TV/Video.

Honors journalists for incisive reporting about art, music, movies, theater, dance, books, restaurants, architecture or other public performance. May also include reviews, for which judges will consider quality of analysis and persuasiveness of arguments.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three samples.
Categories: Radio/Audio, TV/Video, and Small and Large divisions* for Print/Online.

*New Category* —Honors journalists and organizations whose primary focus is coverage of technology. Entries may include print publications, news broadcasts or news sites.
Entry specifications: Submit no more than five stories and related multimedia content, or two packages demonstrating the range and depth of coverage.
Categories: Print/Online, Radio/Audio and TV/Video.

*New Category* —Honors journalists and organizations whose primary focus is coverage of science, environment and health. Entries may include print publications, news broadcasts or news sites.
Entry specifications: Submit no more than five stories and related multimedia content, or two packages demonstrating the range and depth of coverage.
Categories: Print/Online, Radio/Audio and TV/Video.

Honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated innovative ways to further the goals of journalism using technology, new funding strategies and/or other approaches. Entrants should demonstrate how innovation can lead to unique coverage.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three samples showing how this innovation works. You may enter the work in other categories as a piece of a larger project.
Categories: All media.

Honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated excellence in presenting complex information using graphics, maps and other data visualization and interactive tools.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three samples. Include the associated stories or links to them online.
Categories: All media.

Honors individuals or organizations for breaking an important news story that led to extensive coverage by other organizations.
Entry specifications: Submit one story or package of related stories and associated multimedia content.
Categories: All media.

Please include the written story or explanation with each submission.
Breaking News — Honors individuals, teams or news organizations whose work demonstrates clear, accurate and graceful photojournalism produced on deadline. Judges will consider deadline pressure and complexity of subject.
Entry specifications: Submit photos with cutlines from up to three stories. No more than 15 images in all.
Categories: Individual and Team.
Photo Essay — Honors individuals, teams or news organizations for excellent storytelling presented in series of related photos that either serve as a stand-alone photo essay or are associated with a written story.
Entry specifications: Submit photos with cutlines from one photo essay. No more than 15 images in all.
Categories: Essay of 1 to 5 images; Essay of 6 to 10 images; Essay of 11 to 15 images.
Portfolio — Honors an individual for excellence in photojournalism.
Entry specifications: Submit up to 10 images with cutlines. Include the associated stories or links to them online.
Single Image — Honors an individual for a single excellent image captured in the past year.
Entry specifications: Submit one image with cutline. Include the associated story or a link to it online.

Video journalism is image-driven and may or may not include narration.
Breaking News — Honors individuals, teams or news organizations whose work demonstrates clear, accurate and graceful video journalism produced on deadline. Judges will consider deadline pressure and complexity.
Entry specifications: Submit videos from up to three stories.
Feature — Honors individuals, teams or news organizations for excellent, artful storytelling.
Entry specifications: Submit one video of up to 60 minutes.
Portfolio — Honors an individual for excellence in video journalism.
Entry specifications: Submit up to five stories with a maximum combined length of up to 60 minutes.


Honors a journalist with less than five years of professional experience whose work shows great promise.
Entry specifications: Submit resume and three samples of work.
Categories: All media

Honors individuals or classes of college-level and graduate-level students for exemplary reporting, writing, and/or photography produced by all forms of student media, including special projects that report local news. These should be student-generated and not part of an ongoing university-sponsored project.
Entry specifications: Submit up to three samples.
Categories: All media

Honors individuals, teams, or news organizations that try to improve conditions for the benefit of society. Entries will be judged on the significance of the issues, initiative, presentation and results.
Entry specifications: May include articles, editorials, public service announcements, cartoons, photos and graphics.
Categories: All media

Every year, the SPJ-NorCal Board of Directors honors individuals in the following six categories. Anyone may nominate candidates. There is no fee to nominate candidates for Board Awards, but a nomination letter is required. Complete instructions are available online.
1) Journalist of the Year: For extraordinary journalistic contributions in the past year.
2) Career Achievement: For extraordinary achievements exemplifying the highest standards of the profession.
3) Unsung Hero: A person whose contribution to journalism usually happens behind the scenes and is often overlooked (for example, a copy editor, librarian, web producer).
4) Meritorious SPJ Service/John Gothberg Award: For outstanding contributions to the Northern California Chapter of SPJ.
5) Distinguished Service: For advancement or advocacy of journalism by a journalist or non-journalist.
6) The Silver Heart: Awarded to a journalist whose career reflects an extraordinary dedication to giving voice to the voiceless.


Qualifying Timeframe: Entries must have been published/broadcast between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, by a news outlet or individuals based in Northern California. Each entrant may submit only one entry per category.

Deadline: Entries must be time-stamped by 11:59 p.m. PDT on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016.

Multiple entries: Stories or projects entered in the Public Service, Best Scoop or Outstanding Emerging Journalist categories may also be entered in one other category. Entries for other categories may not be entered in multiple categories.

Cover letters: Letters of nomination or recommendation are permitted in any category, but they are not required, except for Board Award nominations.

Divisions for Print/Online: Some categories are divided into Small Print/Online and Large Print/Online divisions to reflect the reality that larger organizations have more resources than smaller ones. “Large” organizations are defined as organizations where one or more of the following apply: print circulation exceeds 100,000 and/or average monthly unique website visitors exceed 500,000. If neither of those apply to your organization, select “Small.” Note: If your organization is a news service or an organization that produces content for syndication, choose your division based on the estimated reach the story received in syndication.

For SPJ members**: $30 per entry.
For non-SPJ members: $40 per entry.
For students: $20 per entry. Student fees may be waived for financial need by request. Send an email to spj.excellenceinjournalism@gmail.com to request a waiver.
* New * — Everyone who submits an entry will receive one free drink ticket at this year’s Excellence in Journalism Awards Dinner.

Payments: Payments can be made by credit card via awards.spjnorcal.org. You may also select a “Pay by check” option. Checks should be made to “SPJ NorCal.” In the memo field, please write “EIJ 2016.”  Checks should be postmarked by Sept. 12, 2016 and mailed to:
SPJ NorCal Chapter
c/o San Francisco Public Press
44 Page St., Ste. 504
San Francisco, CA 94102

** To be eligible for the $30 SPJ member entry fee, you must be a member of both the SPJ national organization (current membership fee $75) AND the SPJ Northern California chapter ($20) as of the time-stamp of entry. Membership is good for 12 months, based on the date you joined. Chapter membership entitles you to free or reduced member admission to NorCal chapter activities, including the Excellence in Journalism Awards dinner. To join SPJ and the NorCal chapter, please go to: www.spj.org/join.asp.

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Commissioning Brooklyn audio stories for BRIC RADIO

New show about all things Brooklyn seeks submissions. Details below! -Mia
BRIC is launching BRIC RADIO this fall and one of our shows will be Brooklyn, U.S.A.  We're currently soliciting pitches and looking to commission work. 

A bit about Brooklyn, U.S.A.:

Brooklyn, U.S.A, part of the slate of new shows launching late 2016 by BRIC Radio, is a monthly podcast that features stories from and about Brooklyn. The stories are compelling, evergreen, and are produced by a curated and rotating group of producers, journalists, storytellers and radio professionals.  

We're looking for evergreen feature stories which bring us into hidden corners of Brooklyn or those right in front of our eyes. Average length of a piece will be 4-5 minutes. This is not the show for breaking news or profiles of programs or organizations; it is a show about Brooklyn and for Brooklyn, all of Brooklyn.  But those are the only parameters. Consider it a place for stories that are not heard elsewhere, and a home for all of those stories you see, witness, experience daily.  It can be with or without narration, personal or not, but it must have journalistic merit and be journalistically sound and accurate.

Each episode of Brooklyn, U.S.A. will be approximately 30 minutes and will include at least 3 pieces. The pieces will reflect the diversity of Brooklyn, which is also part of BRIC’s mission and each show will be tonally and topically diverse.

Pay is competitive with WNYC, New York Public Radio.  The rate is approximately $100/minute but we will work individually with you to figure this out.

Please send your pitches to radiopitches@bricartsmedia.org

BRIC is an incredibly diverse and vibrant arts and media community which has as its missions upholding that diversity, both in who contributes to BRIC and the work that comes out of BRIC.  We encourage promising producers to submit pitches as well as more seasoned ones.  It is you, the reporter/producers who will make Brooklyn come alive for our audience through your varied perspectives and experiences.  We are also a place which often runs stories which others don't, so send us those story ideas you've hoped to do but which lacked an appropriate home or outlet.  

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SF Public Press Annual Meeting & Radio Planning Workshop, Sept 1, 7-9pm

Bay Area radioheads – this is for you!

Help Us Start a New Public Radio Station!

Public Press Annual Meeting & Radio Planning Workshop
When: Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, 7 to 9 p.m.
Where: 44 Page Street, 2nd floor, San Francisco, CA 94102
RSVP: On Facebook or email radio [at] sfpublicpress [dot] org

The Public Press was awarded by the Federal Communications Commission a permit to construct a low-power FM radio station in San Francisco, sharing time on 102.5-FM with San Francisco Community Radio.

Radio is new territory for us, and we want to hear from the community: What do YOU want to hear on the airwaves? We aim to offer public-service broadcasting, including news, public-affairs talk shows, community events and experimental forms of storytelling with an emphasis on local programming.

Want to learn more and possibly get involved? Join us for a workshop as the featured segment of our annual public meeting. If you would like to participate in future LPFM conversations, send an email to radio [at] sfpublicpress [dot] org and ask to be added to the LPFM planning list.

E-newsletter: http://www.sfpublicpress.org/newsletter

The San Francisco Public Press is a local nonprofit, noncommercial news organization covering economy, civics and streetscape in the Bay Area. We aim to do for print and Web what public broadcasting does for television and radio. We produce news online daily and in a quarterly print newspaper.

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SF Writing School, @WritingPadUS, seeks part-time site manager

Interesting gig from the folks @WritingPadUS. (Includes free classes!) Details below.

San Francisco School Site Manager
An award-winning writing school in LA, SF and Online is actively seeking School Site Managers to run a class site in its San Francisco Location in Potrero Hill.
Job Description: The School Site Manager is responsible for overseeing writing class operations at the San Francisco location.
Renumeration and Hours:
The position is 10-29 hours per week, depending on class enrollment. Work must completed on site. Hours take place on weeknight evenings Mon-Thurs. and weekends. Pay is $20 per hour plus free classes.
Main Responsibilities include: Opening and closing space, ensuring location safety, training and overseeing helpers,
making announcements and promoting classes, distributing and collecting relevant paperwork, managing inventory and office supplies, shopping for food and office supplies, managing correspondence with students and teachers at this location,
cleaning space, making copies for students or teachers, helping with educational program development and class quality control,
setting up AV and recording classes using Quicktime Pro or our online web system, assisting with social media and marketing efforts, flyering,researching new teachers, classes, and events, event planning.
Position may also include the following responsibilities: dealing with customer service issues related to classes, dealing with issues that may arise related to space management (plumbing, electrical, etc), phone and email sales, blogging.
Requirements are: Bachelor’s Degree or MFA in Creative Writing, English Literature, Journalism, Screenwriting, Arts, Communication, Theater, must be a writer who is passionate about the craft of writing, 1 or more years of relevant work experience in office management or education, excellent writing, communication and presentation skills, excellent interpersonal skills, very responsible, detail oriented, takes direction well, able to work independently, must have a car and drivers license, working Macbook Pro, must be flexible and comfortable working in a fast paced environment, improv, stand up, or sketch comedy experience is desirable, sales and marketing experience is desirable
Applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree or MFA in Creative Writing, English Literature, Journalism, Screenwriting, Arts, Communication, Theater, or closely related degree, car and drivers license, and 1 or more years of relevant work experience in office management or education will NOT be considered.
This is an excellent position for a writer as it leaves your days free to write. It also offers great opportunities for networking and making connections with successful writers, editors and publishers.
To apply, applicants should include a copy of their resume and cover letter in the body of the mail as well as attach a PDF of both the resume and cover letter to info@writingpad.com. Please do not call us or stop by our offices to inquire about this position.

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WaPo’s new “Historically Black” podcast seeks submissions, deadline Sept 1

WaPo is launching a new podcast that narrates the stories of personal objects and experiences of black people in the U.S. as part of a project around the National Museum of African American History & Culture, which opens September 24. Submission instructions HERE and below. Deadline Sept 1.

The Washington Post, in partnership with American Public Media’s APM Reports, is collecting entries for its forthcoming, co-produced podcast series, Historically Black. Set to launch on September 19, the eight episode, weekly podcast series with guest celebrity hosts will showcase objects that tell people’s own personal stories of black history in America. Building off The Post’s Historically Black Tumblr, a crowdsourced “people’s museum” of objects, photographs, songs and stories, the podcast series will take a rich, researched look at how these items contribute to the public’s understanding of black history and culture today.

Entries are due by 12 p.m. noon ET on Thursday, September 1, 2016 to be considered for the podcast series. Entries submitted after September 1 may be featured on Historically Black Tumblr. All entries must be submitted online to historicallyblack.tumblr.com/submit. Past submissions have included family photos of objects, such as the black Santa Christmas tree topper belonging to Christina Tucker’s mixed race family; a photo Duchess Harris discovered of her grandmother working for NASA (then NACA) as a “computer” in the 1940s; love letters Janice Lillian Harris Cotton found in her basement rafters between her great-grandmother and great-grandfather tracing the pair’s romance as they were separated  during the “exoduster” movement; and more.

Entry Deadlines
Deadline: 12 p.m. noon ET on Thursday, September 1, 2016
Entries submitted after September 1 may be featured on Historically Black Tumblr.

How to Submit Your Entry
All entries must be submitted online to historicallyblack.tumblr.com/submit and should include:
-Your name
-Your email address
-Object photo (not required)
-The story behind the object you submitted

Please note photos or submissions may be used in related Washington Post coverage. By submitting your photo you are granting The Washington Post permission to use it on any platform. You are also stating that you took the photo and own all rights to it. Full terms here.

The first episode of Historically Black will air on September 19. It will be available on washingtonpost.com, and via iTunes and other podcast providers.

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