ProPublica grants for aspiring journos of color

Grants from ProPublica for college-aged people of color who aspire to be great journalists. Yes!


We are a nonprofit investigative newsroom and we’re offering stipends to five minority students who work or want to work at college journalism outlets – newspapers, websites, radio stations or TV stations. We want to make college journalism accessible to students for whom it would otherwise be economically out of reach. Students can apply for the stipends annually. Those selected will receive $4,500 per semester.

UnionDocs Podcast School in August, early bird registration deadline July 20

Podcasting crash course from UnionDocs – with some phenomenal instructors!! Details below. Registration deadline July 20. -Mia


Coming up this summer! Early registration deadline is July 20th.

The Podcast School
From Wednesday August 26th to Sunday August 30th

Over the course of this five-day seminar, the students will learn from a team of seasoned guest speakers, thinkers and practitioners—public radio reporters, storytellers, sound artists, radio auteurs, podcasters, and media entrepreneurs. This intensive will consider a wide range of issues from audio storytelling, podcast production to radio communication, fundraising and advertisement. The seminar will also include one field trip, discussions, conceptual exercises, listening sessions and work-in-progress critiques.

Radio producers and hosts Anna Sale (Death, Sex & Money for WNYC), Al Letson (State of the Re:Union), Sean Cole (This American Life), Jonathan Mitchell (The Truth/Radiotopia), Andrea Silenzi (Slate's The Gist, Why Oh Why), Kaitlin Prest (The Heart/Radiotopia) and media entrepreneur Erik Diehn (Midroll). Tina Antolini (radio producer, host and creator of Gravy, a podcast with the Southern Foodways Alliance) will lead the course.

$750 – Early Bird Registration. Deposit received by July 20th at 5:00 PM.
$850 – Late Registration

To learn more about this workshop and register visit

Grant Opportunity from PBS Black Culture Connection & Cowbird

Looks like a very cool opportunity from PBS Black Culture Connection & Cowbird. Details below!

Wanted to let you know about a new grant opportunity lead by PBS Black Culture Connection & Cowbird.

We're seeking journalists and producers for a storytelling project that will explore photography and its role in social movements including Civil Rights, Black Power, LGBT and #BlackLivesMatter. We aim to go "behind the lens" of their photos to capture personal, lesser-told stories of the photographers, their images, and the events that changed–– and are still changing–– history.

Read more about the grant and learn how to apply here.
Please feel free to reach me for any questions. We'd love your help spreading the word to friends who you think may be interested.

Schuyler Swenson
Radio + Multimedia Producer

Late Summer Podcasting Workshop at UnionDocs in NYC

Learn to podcast from some of the best podcasters out there. At Brooklyn's UnionDocs from 8/26-30. Details below!

UnionDocs is running a 5-day-long workshop on podcasting at the end of the summer. It'll feature sessions from superstar podcasters/radio producers Anna Sale of Death, Sex & Money, Sean Cole from This American Life, Kaitlin Prest of The Heart, Jonathan Mitchell from The Truth, Andrea Silenzi from The Gist and Why Oh Why, Al Letson from Reveal and SOTRU, and Erik Diehn from Midroll… Oh, and me, from Gravy.

The workshop will be held Wednesday, August 26th through Sunday, the 30th at UnionDocs in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each day we'll go from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can find more info and sign up here:


Tina Antolini
Host and Producer, Gravy

IRP reporting trip to Ecuador, Oct 18-29, application deadline Aug 7

IRP wants to help you get to Ecuador. Application deadline Aug 7. Details below.


The International Reporting Project (IRP) is pleased to announce a group reporting trip focusing on health and development issues in Ecuador on October 18-29, 2015.

Ecuador 2015

By Glendora Meikle

June 15, 2015

Ecuador, a country of nearly 16 million, has made major strides in healthcare and development, including dramatic improvements in healthcare efficiency.

Yet many challenges remain. There are discrepancies between the quality of care and resources available at public and private facilities. Residents of rural areas may not receive the resources available in urban centers, and neglected tropical diseases persist.

Fellows on the twelve-day reporting trip will examine a range of issues related to health and development in Ecuador. We will focus on topics of nutrition and agriculture, education, access to roads and electricity, sanitation and water, the impact of infectious and neglected diseases, reduction of poverty, increased use of technology, gender equality and the status of indigenous peoples and migrants. Fellows will meet with key government leaders, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, members of the business community, religious and media leaders and others.

How to Apply

All candidates must complete an application form and provide a detailed essay of at least 800 words describing the types of stories they might pursue.

Participants will be expected to post frequent stories – such as articles, blog posts, infographics, interactive stories, slideshows, social media posts, video and audio clips – before, during and after the trip.

The Ecuador trip is open to innovative journalists, bloggers, influential social media practitioners, and other media professionals. Unfortunately, this trip is not open to students.

Priority will be given to applications from citizens or residents of Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

More Details

The IRP will purchase the fellows’ roundtrip air tickets to Ecuador and will pay for visas, hotel costs, local transportation and several meals. Fellows who wish to extend their stay after the fellowship will have the option to arrange that at their own expense.

All fellows on the Ecuador trip are required to participate in the sessions arranged for the group program. Much of the value of a group reporting trip comes from both meetings that IRP arranges and the interactions the fellows have with each other. Some independent reporting time will be included in the schedule. However, if you prefer to have more flexibility in your reporting schedule, we strongly encourage you to extend your trip or to apply for our individual reporting fellowships in the future.

All of the stories will be republished on the IRP site and co-owned by the fellow (or her/his distribution partners, depending on arrangements) and the IRP. In addition, the work produced as a result of the trip may be posted, with permission of the fellow, on the social media channels of the IRP funders. This trip is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Read our frequently asked questions and apply for the Ecuador trip by midnight (EST) on August 7, 2015!

Looking for producers for archival audio podcast

From the good people at Pop Up Archive.

Hi radio people!

Pop Up Archive is looking for freelancers to work on our new podcast, Popcast. (If you're on the radiogines list, apologies for the repeat email.) 

Popcast tells tiny stories about the past, resurfacing archival audio and reinterpreting it. Past episodes include a posthumous astrological reading of Sylvia Plath, and the tale of a psychobilly song that astronauts banned from NASA shuttle missions. You can listen to the six episodes of the first season here:

We made the first season with Eliza Smith, who is now full time at Snap Judgment, so we’re looking to open up the show to all archive-loving producers. Most stories will be in the 4-7 minute range, to be released over the summer (and beyond, we hope). The pieces are straightforward to create: they feature archival clips with some light narration and sound design. And we'll pay you!

If you’re interested in making a story for Popcast, shoot me an email at emily@popuparchive explaining why you’re interested, and include a link to your previous work. If you have a piece of archival audio in mind (check out for inspiration), feel free to suggest it. I also work with producers to help them find content in the archive. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


$1,000 Radio Competition, Deadline JUNE 30

I think I already posted about this once but I like it so much I'm sending it out again. $1000 prize for your best orphaned audio! Deadline June 30

On May 13, I, along with David Weinberg of Random Tape and KCRW's Independent Producer Projectlaunched a new radio competition. 
The idea is simple. We want your best tiny, standalone, golden audio moments — a little clip, a deleted scene, a lovely tangent. These bits can be absurd, bizarre, emotional, or just completely unexpected. Like Random Tape, the Gold Tape Competition is a home for orphaned audio.

We know the criteria for this award is ambiguous. Most importantly, the winning entry should tickle us in some way — be it funny, surprising, or sad. To better understand what we're looking for, listen to this Tape excerpt from David Weinberg

Also, here are a few of our favorite Random Tape episodes:
– Super!
The winner will receive $1,000, a license for REAPER editing software, and 1 free pass to Tape Festival, among other goodies. 

Tuesday, June 30 at 11:59 PM EST.
For more info visit
(P.S. Only 22 tickets left for Tape Festival. Buy your tickets at

Interfaith Voices seeks radio reporters in Russia and South Africa

Interfaith Voices is seeking radio reporters in Russia and South Africa. Details below!

Russia and South Africa, not two countries that typically hang out in the same subject line but…

Interfaith Voices (the nationally distributed, award-winning public radio program) is on the hunt for skilled RADIO reporters in both Russia and South Africa to craft a strong, character-driven radio feature about one aspect (your pitch) of the relationship between religion and government.
You can hear past stories here:

Please send your suggestions to with the subject line "Russia Reporter" or "South Africa reporter."

Commissioning Editor
Interfaith Voices
God and Government Series

BackStory is looking for backstories

BackStory call for pitches. Go for it!

BackStory is now accepting pitches for the following shows (dates in parentheses are dates by which all tape would be due):

Satire (7/24): In honor of Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show, we’re looking at satire throughout the centuries. Why is something funny in one era but not another? How does changing media technology affect satire? When has satire been subversive — and when has it reinforced the status quo? We are definitely not limiting ourselves to political satire on this one, and are open to stories with a big ‘humor’ angle as long as there’s some element of satire in there somewhere. As always, stories from the colonial period are slightly harder to come by, so those would be appreciated.

Fire (8/14): This will be pegged to the ‘fire season’ out west. It will likely shape up to be a more open show (like our Water, Islands, and Speed shows), but we’ll want to look at cultural changes-over-time as well as fantastic stand alone stories. A note: we don’t want to conflate light with fire on this one (so a story about lightbulbs probably wouldn’t work), but if there’s something interesting to say about the handoff from fire to electricity, you might convince us.

Here’s a link to the pitch page of our web site, for info about what makes a good BackStory pitch:

BackStory is especially interested in stories that get out of the studio — that is, site-specific and sound-rich stories from around the country. Include what, if any, sources you would use in your story and how you would produce them. Give us an idea about what you imagine your piece would sound like (field tape, scoring, effects, readings, etc.). We’re open to non-narrated features, written essays, and reported pieces. Three to 10 minutes in length is ideal.

Email Associate Producer Kelly Jones at <khjones at virginia dot edu>, with “PITCH:” in your subject line. I’ll do my best to be in touch with you within a week of receiving your pitch.

FC members Get 50% Off Any CreativeLive Class and a Free eBook

Hey folks. I’ve been doing Freelance Cafe for a good long time and have been waiting/hoping for a like-minded group to collaborate with in some way. It’s finally happened! 

CreativeLive offers FREE online classes if you can catch them live (I watched Alex Blumberg’s course a few months back – so good), and then charges what I would consider a pretty reasonable rate to watch individual classes On Demand any time after. They have more than 1000 classes at this point, many of which are relevant to public media. And they’re offering FC members a 50% discount for the next 48 hours. That’s a bit of a tight turn-around, but I’m hoping they’ll offer the same again soon.

You can also get a free copy of their eBook The Essential Guide to Launching a Freelance Career. Click here to download.

Here are a few classes that jumped out at me:

Personal Finance for Freelancers and Artists with Galia Gichon

Power Your Podcast with Storytelling with Alex Blumberg

Launch a Successful Podcast with Kris Gilbertson

Podcasting 101 with John Lee Dumas


Command the Fees You Deserve with Ilise Benun

Protect and Profit Your Intellectual Property with Rachel Rodgers

Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Filmmakers with Rachel Rodgers

There are a bunch more too. Most of the classes run about $150 so you get them for $75 for the next two days. That’s something.

The discount code is FCEXCLUSIVE50OFF.

Go get it!