Theme list for upcoming Re:sounds

From the fine folks at Third Coast.

As we plan upcoming episodes of Re:sound, Third Coast's weekly radio/podcast, we'd love to hear your story suggestions. Re:sound is Third Coast’s mix of audio stories and sonic gems that we curate from around the world. The show is hosted by Gwen Macsai and produced by Dennis Funk, and each episode explores a subject or idea through a variety of intriguing angles. The show airs weekly on WBEZ here in Chicago, and select episodes are broadcast all over the U.S. You can listen by subscribing to the Third Coast Podcast, or on our website:

Some themes for upcoming Re:sounds are below – we invite you to suggest stories that would fit well (directly about, tangentially connected to, or even metaphorically symbolized by the theme…). These can be your own stories, or suggestions of others you’ve heard and particularly enjoyed – especially if they haven’t received wide air/podcast play. Note: Third Coast pays producers a “rebroadcast fee” of $12/minute.

You know that “global system of interconnected computer networks” you spend so much time in? Where we are right now? Privacy, immortality, seduction, addiction…we’re looking for stories about this mighty force in our lives.

Stories of things that are made (or attempted) from scratch…

Found in the Want Ads
The back of the newspaper, Craigslist, the personals, online dating, and more. WANTED: stories about ads placed, numbers called, surprising connections made.

Send your suggestions, and links to the audio, to: resound [at] thirdcoastfestival [dot] org.

Thanks, and happy listening!


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