Apply Now for Ethiopia Trip and Religion Fellowships with the IRP

Two amazing opportunities with the International Reporting Project – Ethiopia trip deadline April 21; religion reporting fellowships deadline June 30.

Apply for New Media Trip on Newborn Health in Ethiopia by April 21

The International Reporting Project (IRP) is accepting applications for a new media reporting trip to Ethiopia on June 14-27, 2014. 


Ethiopia has made impressive progress on cutting mortality rates for children, meeting the Millennium Development Goal of reducing child deaths by more than 60 percent over the past 20 years.


Michael Tsegaye / Save the Children

Yet major health and development challenges remain as millions of Ethiopian babies come into the world under precarious conditions. In particular, three preventable and treatable conditions still persist: premature births, complications during childbirth and infections.

The IRP trip will focus on efforts to prevent newborn deaths, as well as provide an overview of maternal and child health, immunizations, nutrition, communicable diseases, and health care provision in Ethiopia, among other topics. 


This group trip is open only to applications from new media journalists who are citizens of France, Germany, India, Malawi, Nigeria, Norway, Senegal, United Kingdom and United States.


All candidates must fill out an application form and provide a detailed essay of at least 800 words describing the types of stories they might pursue during the Ethiopia trip. Participants will be asked to post frequent stories–including blog posts, slideshows, social media posts, video and audio clips–before, during and after the trip.


The deadline for applications is Monday, April 21.


Learn more about the trip, read our frequently asked questions and apply for the Ethiopia trip by midnight on Monday, April 21!


Apply for Religion Reporting Fellowships by June 30

The International Reporting Project (IRP) will offer up to nine fellowships to experienced professional journalists to report on topics related to global religion.


Allyn Gaestel reported on family planning and religion in Senegal as a 2013 IRP Religion Fellow. 

Photo: Allison Shelley

Applicants may propose any stories that relate to religion, including its role as a source of tension or conflict, its relationship to politics, economics or access to health, housing or clean water, its impact on art and culture, religion and human rights, or other issues.
The deadline for applications is June 30, 2014. 

These fellowships are open only to journalists who are citizens of the United States, Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand or the United Kingdom.


U.S. Religion Fellows


U.S. citizens will be awarded a reporting fellowship to travel to any country overseas for at least four weeks to report on religion-related topics. All travel must take place during the period between August 24 and October 12, 2014. The IRP will provide a stipend of $6,000 and purchase the US Fellows' international air tickets.


International Religion Fellows

Rowan Moore Gerety reported on megachurches in Nigeria as a 2013 IRP Religion Fellow.
Non-US citizens will report from their home countries in a three-month period beginning August 1 and ending October 31, 2014. The IRP will provide a total stipend of $6,000. The main purpose of these fellowships is for Fellows to produce stories about their own countries.

All applicants must fill out an application form in which they should write an essay of at least 1,000 words describing the stories they would produce during the fellowship. IRP encourages stories in a variety of media, including print, online, radio, television, photography, blog posts, social media and video.

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