Cowbird and SOTRU team up for a new Saga – Small Towns

Great radio program + great online storytelling community = great opportunity for freelancers. Details below.

Cowbird just launched what we call a "Saga" today, a call for stories on a specific issue.  The current saga is about small towns: what makes people stay, leave or return to them.  We're partnering with State of the Re:Union on this one, and the best stories have a shot at being on the show.
So if you have a small town story, we want to hear it!  The site is super easy to use, pretty, and, bonus points, it's free.  It's a great platform for radio makers — you can upload audio that plays alongside a beautiful (floating) picture, you can add text.  And, best of all, you can embed that story basically anywhere, as easily as, say, a YouTube video.  It's like the functionality of Soundcloud … but pretty.  
Details below.  We can't wait to hear your stories!

New Saga : Small Towns
Dear Cowbirders,
Small town America is vanishing.
A hundred years ago, 72% of us lived in small towns. Today? Just 16%. Behind those statistics are thousands of stories. We’re partnering with State of the Re:Union and Hollow to create a narrative tapestry of the rise and fall of rural America, through the eyes of the people who live(d) there, left, or stayed.
If you’ve ever lived in a small town, we want to know: what’s the one thing that made you leave, stay, or return? We’re launching a new saga, Small Towns, to try to answer these questions.
Tell your Small Town story on Cowbird. Start your story with, “The one thing that made me [leave/stay/return]…” Keep your story short (50-250 words), add pictures and/or audio. Before you hit publish, remember two things: add a location, and add your story to the “Small Towns” saga. The best stories will have a shot at ending up on NPR.
Happy storytelling, no matter where you live.
Spring is in the air.

Cowbird. A witness to life.

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