internships with Heritage Radio Network, Brooklyn

Hey students (and teachers). The Heritage Radio Network is looking for interns. Word on the street is that folks who intern here have a great experience. I can put you in touch with a past intern if you have any questions. -Mia
++++++++++++++++++ is an emerging non-profit Internet based radio station broadcasting Food Radio from two repurposed shipping containers in the back of Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Each week we host over 30 live shows covering all aspects of the food world from agriculture and policy to cocktails and chef stories. Shows are archived on our website, available as a free download via iTunes or Stitcher Smart Radio.  

We are currently seeking a part-time radio intern to help work on special content. This is a position for someone with basic audio editing knowledge and skill who is looking for some additional hands on experience.    

The internship will last for a period of 12-16 weeks.  Please send a cover letter and resume along with your availability to Jack Inslee at  

Audio Editing experience using a DAW such as Pro Tools, Logic or editing software such as Audacity or Ableton.
Ability to build narrative and tell story through audio.
Simple sound mixing ability including compression, eq and limiting.
Recording experience and general website/HTML knowledge a plus.
Please submit any work samples if available.

Jack Inslee

Executive Producer

H E R I T A G E   R A D I O   N E T W O R K

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