Marketplace looking for new contributors!

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Check this out, from the excellent John Haas! Take a few minutes to brush up on how to best pitch Marketplace by reading our AIRblast spotlight. Its a beautiful primer from editor Celeste Wesson, and a companion AIRmuse from Lisa Matsuka, the producer who pitched that lays out what happened *after* she "got to yes." For real.

Tell 'em AIR sent you.

    Marketplace is looking to buy freelance feature pitches. If you have a story that has an intriguing angle, a great scene, and elements of surprise/creativity, please send your pitch to (please put “PITCH:” at the start of your subject line). We write in simple, casual, conversational language written for the ear, so listeners can easily process what we’re saying.

Stories have to have a money angle of some sort. And if the pitch is based on a local story/event, make sure it has a wider context so people all over the country would care about the topic.

Here's a list of things that may inspire your pitch. But by themselves, they aren't enough:

  • A question
  • An idea
  • An overview
  • An issue
  • An event (especially not a conference)
  • A character (that includes quirky startup companies)
  • An anecdote
  • An unattributed paragraph from a newspaper story

    Thanks so much.

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