KCRW’s live streaming Writing for Radio Workshop, Feb 26, 7:30pm PST

There've been a lot of these online training opportunities recently (see NPR Digital Services' amazing webinar series). This one comes from KCRW. Details below! -Mia

WHAT: Writing for Radio Workshop with Alex Chadwick and Matt Holzman
WHERE: Live Streaming at www.kcrw.com/writingforradio
WHEN: Tuesday, 2/26 at 7:30PM PST


Writing for radio is really easy. All you have to do is tell a great story. And convey a ton of facts and ideas and tie them all together elegantly – but make the whole thing really intimate and personal. Oh, and paint a real visual picture of where you are and the people you meet. And do it all in as few words as humanly possible and make it sound like you're just talking.

OK, so it's not so easy. But we're going to speak with one of the people who makes it sound like it is. Alex Chadwick is one of the masters of the craft, and we'll pick his brain in an effort to bring you specific ways to make your radio writing sing, whether you're doing a two minute 'acts and tracks' news story, a research-heavy investigative report, or a long-form documentary.

About the Hosts:
Alex Chadwick is an independent journalist whose distinctive work makes him one of the most recognized reporters in public radio. At NPR, he was a co-creator of Morning Edition, the most widely heard program in public radio, and a host of that program as well as All Things Considered. He has worked as a writer and feature reporter in network television (CBS, ABC, National Geographic) and for the online political magazine Slate.com, where his popular feature Interviews 50 Cents was named a 'must see' video by the New York Times. His current project is a series of specials on the subject of energy and climate: BURN, An Energy Journal, carried on more than 300 stations around the country.

People know Matt Holzman because he used to give away stuff during KCRW's membership drives. And because of Matt's Movies. But what he really does is make radio stories. His work has been heard on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, Studio 360 and pretty much every show on KCRW. Matt's recent documentary for KCRW's UnFictional, called "Ministry of Presence," would probably have won a Peabody if he hadn't missed the application deadline.

Join us! We'll be live streaming the workshop next Tuesday at 7:30PST. You'll find it at www.kcrw.com/writingforradio

If you have any questions about the event, please contact jenny.radelet@kcrw.org

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