BackStory call for pitches

Great show looking for stories. Details below!


BackStory's looking for pitches for a year-end show on Armageddon:

December 21st, 2012 marks the supposed end of the Mayan Long Count calendar, and some are forecasting the end of the world. So, why not spend the end times looking back at all the good times we had… worrying about the end times. On this episode: moments when we thought it was all over. We'll try to figure out why certain Armageddon scenarios pop up again and again, and what they've told us about American hopes and fears through the centuries. Freak storms, war, supernatural predictions, technological crises – send us stories of pending world doom and what people made of them at the time.

A couple tips:

Please read our guidelines before pitching. I promise it will improve your chances:

Also, keep in mind that we are a history show; stories set wholly in the present or past 10 years are not going to work for us.

Our rates are based on the complexity of the piece and the producer's experience. Check out the AIR pitch page for a breakdown.

All pitches should be addressed to me, Jess ( with the word "PITCH" in the subject line.

Looking forward to all your great ideas!


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