Radio Diaries & Cowbird Invite You to be Part of the Teenage Diaries Project

Please share this amazing project with your teenage charges!

From Radio Diaries & Cowbird:

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Josh Cutler
Dear Educators and Friends of Radio Diaries,
To commemorate the “sweet 16” of our acclaimed Teenage Diaries project, Radio Diaries and NPR are now teaming up with the storytelling platform Cowbird to gather new stories written, recorded and photographed by teens.
Some of these stories will be featured on and two teens will be selected to work with Radio Diaries to produce full-length Teenage Diaries that will air on NPR in 2013!
As an organization that works with youth, we need you to help spread the word and encourage teens to participate in this project. Download our Teenage Diaries Step-by-Step guide with instructions on how teenagers can tell their stories, and what type of stories we’re looking for.  (Note: These must be TRUE stories).
What we ask of you:
1. Share this project directly with teens in your community, on the airwaves and online.

2. Incorporate the Teenage Diaries Project into your lesson plan, watch this video to see Cowbird in action, and help teens take the necessary steps to tell their stories.

3. Listen to the original Teenage Diaries and share these stories with youth.
Our goal is to collect 300 first-person stories by the end of the year. In December, in coordination with the broadcast of a radio series featuring five of the original teenage diarists, a mosaic of the Cowbird Teenage Diaries stories will be featured on the NPR website. Take a look at the stories we've collected so far.
If you’d like to participate or learn more about the Teenage Diaries Project, visit our website and join our Facebook event
We are looking forward to working with you in the coming month. Please “like” us on Facebook and follow us on  Twitter to stay connected. If you have questions or would like to participate, send me an email:
Thank you for all your help in encouraging teenagers to tell their stories. 

Nellie Gilles
Teenage Diaries Outreach Manager

169 Avenue A #13 | New York, NY 10009 US

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