A Documentary Retreat July 29 – Aug 4, Durham, NC

Well this is just about the best idea I've ever heard. If you have the time and the means, go spend a week with these folks. I will be envious.


Any chance there's a project/tape/a documentary/proposal you've been meaning to set
aside the time to work on, but you're too busy? Wishing to freeze time or build a

secret room where you can just hide away and make the creations you imagine?

There is another option! 

Digging In: A Documentary Retreat
with Big Shed
(at the Center for Documentary Studies)
July 29 – Aug 4, 2012  |  Course fee: $480

For details — bigshed.org/training

Spend a week with a community of independent producers, Big Shed and
special guests at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke in Durham,
North Carolina. What you work on is up to you — a story you’re finishing,

a proposal you’re developing, a project you’re conceptualizing, or maybe you
just want the space and community to think about your creative trajectory.

I'm also super excited to join Shea Shackelford and Jesse Dukes of Big Shed 
in leading the retreat this summer.

The week is lightly structured to help you make significant progress
on a project that’s important to you.  Each day we’ll help you think
about how you can make the most of that time and offer some tools for

working to help you during the week and beyond.  Each day you’ll share
your ongoing work with other participants, the Big Shed team and
other special guests. While you’re getting helpful input, others
will be benefitting from your valuable ideas.  And when it’s time to

put your pencils down, we’ll stoke your creative fires and create ways
for you to relax and play.  Throughout the week you can expect
brilliant adventures, special guests, tasty food, music, dancing, thought provoking

presentations, late-night conversations, and hand-cranked ice cream on
the porch.

If you could use a break to really focus on something important in
your work, and you'd like to do that in a community of other producers

who will be doing the same sort of thing, Big Shed will make sure you
have an intensely relaxing, invigoratingly supportive time to dig deep
and get some serious (or not so serious—it’s up to you) work done.

– Kara (and Shea and Jesse)

Ps. This summer, we’re expanding our invitation to other documentary
mediums — writers, photographers, new media, film, et al. If you have
colleagues in those fields whom you think would be interested, please

feel free to share this with them.

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