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The latest events from UnionDocs in Brooklyn. Details below!

Saturday, June 16 at 7:30pm. $9 suggested donation.
New York-based documentary filmmaker Kathleen Foster will screen and discuss her films Afghan Women: A History of Struggle (2007) and 10 Years On, Afghanistan & Pakistan (2011). “Foster challenges viewers to examine how Afghan women have continually borne the dual costs of American imperial ambitions on the one side, and the barbarity of feudal warlords on the other.” — Prerana Reddy, Queens Museum of Art, New York.

Sunday, June 17 at 7:30pm. $9 suggested donation.
Post-Vietnam, Paul bought a trailer for his family to live in. Many bad winters (upstate, near Troy) made the mobile home unlivable, so he took matters into his own hands and started to build a house – around the trailer. He never made any blueprints. 30 years, 4 floors and 100 windows later, the house is almost done. A home movie documentary,Be Like An Ant spends some time in the house. Mike Plante in attendance for the discussion. His uncle Paul Plante, subject of "Be Like An Ant," will join via conference.

Coming up next weekend: 

Radio Cabaret – Summer Edition

Saturday, June 9 at 7:30pm. $9 suggested donation.

Radio Cabaret is a variety show where radio stories come to life before your eyes. Producers bring the traditions of public radio to the stage through storytelling, musical performance, visual animation, theater and live interviews. Performances range in topic but share a common reference to audio documentary. This hour unfolds like a living breathing radio magazine with a radio host (disembodied MC) and a variety of acts. This evening will feature the work of public radio journalists Brendan McMullan, Michal Richardson, Alexis Powell and Laura Hadden. Their performances will vary in length from five to fifteen minutes.

Coming up this weekend:

Nomadic Archive: Abraham Ravett presents the Works of Tom Joslin

Saturday, June 2th at 7:30pm. $9 suggested donation.

Abraham Ravett will screen and discuss two of Tom Joslin’s works:  Blackstar: Autobiography of a Close Friend from 1976, and the posthumously assembled work The Architecture of Mountains (2010). Ravett writes the following about the project: Before he left for LA in 1981 to pursue a career in Hollywood, documentry filmmaker Tom Joslin completed an innovated and to this day, historically significant film called Blackstar: Autobiography of a Close Friend (1976, 85 minutes, color, sound, 16mm). It was one of the first autobiographical, diary format films that addressed the issue of gay identity and coming out to one’s family. It’s a beautifully made film, formally inventive, and still resonates on many fronts.


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Neta Alexander
Associate Programmer
322 Union Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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