Columbia j-school promotes new post-graduate program in science, health, and the environment

The Columbia School of Journalism has a new post-graduate program in Health and Science Journalism among other specialties. Their Dean of Student Affairs is seeking talented and motivated potential students. LOTS of details below, or visit Deadline for the fall semester is Jan 15.



M.A. in Journalism and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program in Health
and Science Journalism

OVERVIEW OF THE M.A. PROGRAM: The prestigious Master of Arts program,
inaugurated in 2005, is for experienced journalists who wish to study a
specific subject area, such as science, health and the environment; arts and
culture; politics or business and economics. Unlike our Master of Science
program, which focuses on teaching basic reporting, the M.A. is designed to
equip experienced journalists with subject-area expertise so that they may
cover complicated issues in a sophisticated, nuanced manner.

For instance, students develop the knowledge that will allow them to situate
news events in their larger context, to ask more informed questions, and to
evaluate competing claims made by sources. The program imparts a deeper
understanding of journalism and the forms it takes, and the focus is on
content as much as on skills.

The students do an intensive seminar in their major, along with advanced
courses in other departments of Columbia University specializing in topics
of their interest. They will also design and create a Master's Thesis over
several months of study working closely with a faculty editor as well as
outside experts. The end result will be an in-depth, compelling piece of
long-form journalism (8,000-10,000 words for a print story, or the
equivalent in another medium).

THE SCIENCE, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT MAJOR: the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Program in Health and Science Journalism

This program is an excellent opportunity for journalists from around the
world interested in deepening their knowledge of health, science and
environmental issues and improving their ability to tell stories about these
critical topics.

The Science seminar, taught by distinguished professors Marguerite Holloway
and Jonathan Weiner, covers everything from quarks and black holes to the
quirks of the human genome; from Galileo’s funding troubles to NASA’s
travails. Whether students study the contemporary debate over global warming
or evolution, the seminar starts back before the fever began. Students learn
to see science in the widest perspective and to write about it with all the
tools of narrative nonfiction. Most applicants are experienced journalists
who have demonstrated the potential to become leading science writers. The
field of science writing is changing explosively, and this course is
designed to make our students the very fittest to survive in it, adapt to
its transformations, and shape its future.

Other courses will allow M.A. students to work closely with science, health
and environment departments throughout Columbia University.

The program is full-time, and runs from August through May. For more
information, please visit our website

This particular program has more generous scholarship aid than most of our
other programs.

COMMENTS FROM PAST STUDENTS: "Prof. Holloway led us fearlessly &
enthusiastically through everything from quantum mechanics to human
migrations out of Africa." – Moises Velasquez, M.A. 2006

"The M.A. program is not another rung on a ladder; it's a launching pad." –
Haley Sweetland Edwards, M.A. 2009

IDEAL APPLICANTS: We seek students who have excellent writing skills and are
familiar with the fundamentals of reporting and journalistic ethics. In
addition, we look for candidates who are curious about the world, eager to
learn more about a particular subject area, determined and resourceful,
motivated to dedicate their careers to journalism, and who exhibit
leadership potential. Experience in science journalism is NOT essential.

applications is January 15, 2011.

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION: The Graduate School of Journalism is proud to offer generous financial assistance to students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement, financial need and exceptional promise for leading careers in journalism. We work with each student to ease the cost of attendance through a combination of scholarships and need-based programs, including grants and Federal and private loans. For more information, please visit our website: scholarships

CAREER SERVICES: Graduates of the M.A. program have been hired at news
organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall
Street Journal, Pro Publica, Reuters, The NewsHour, and CNN. They are also
writing books, producing independent documentaries, and freelancing for a
wide variety of magazines, newspapers, broadcast and online news

Our career services staff – all former journalists with strong industry
connections in print, broadcast and online media – work closely with
students to help them pursue the most prestigious jobs in the U.S. and
overseas. Students meet with a career services counselor for one-on-one
consultations throughout the school year. For more information please visit
the Career Services website:

PLEASE NOTE: The program runs full-time in the Fall and Spring semesters and
you do NOT need the GRE to apply.

For more information, to set up an informational interview, or to visit a
class, please contact the Admissions Office:

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
2950 Broadway (@ 116th St)
Room 203 (lobby)
New York, NY 10027

(212) 854-8608

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Prof. Sree Sreenivasan | | @sree
Dean of Student Affairs, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism |
TWITTER: @sree – (tweeting tech, media & more)

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