call for audio postcards from the Great Lakes Region

Self-explanatory. Send along to your contacts in the Great Lakes region.


CALL FOR AUDIO POSTCARDS FROM GREAT LAKES REGION. Pay: 300 Dollars plus expenses, 50 dollars for images. 2-3 minutes. 

Front and Center is a new project based at WBEZ, but working with stations across the Great Lakes Region.  The project will be making long-form pieces that are creative and engaging. Every six-months we will put out a call for pitches.  You can expect a longer letter from us in the future explaining the upcoming themes and how to pitch.

But right now, we have a more pressing request: Leading up to the launch we are releasing short audio post cards from around the region. We’d love to hear from freelancers who might want to make one. The postcards should come from the Great Lakes region and have something to do with water. For example:

-These guys who ride their metal boats in the rivers and stir up Asian Carp to jump the air, then shoot them with cross bows.  

-Divers who go look at shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.  

-Is there a local cuisine involving Great Lakes fish? A unique sport or hobby  that happens on the beach? Music inspired by the lakes? People who work in the lakes? A family tradition connected to the lakes? A brewery that gets its water from the Great Lakes? A local myth, tall tale, or ghost story that features the lake?

The postcards should be 2-3 min long. We pay 300 dollars per postcard. Expenses can likely be covered, but must be pre-approved. We can throw in an extra 50 bucks for digital images.

Production can happen through June, but we are on a tight deadline to schedule the post cards and would love to hear from folks ASAP. We also have a few postcards we could possibly assign, so if you don’t have an idea, but live in the region, drop me a line and we can see if there is a fit.

Shannon Heffernan, Front And Center

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