Upcoming events at the UC Berkeley J-School

Upcoming events at the UCB J-school. Details below.


After the Vote: Challenges and Opportunities for a Two-State Sudan

A brown bag lunch with Rebecca Hamilton

When: Monday, April 11,  12:00 PM

Where: North Gate Hall Library

Rebecca Hamilton will visit the Graduate School of Journalism to share her most recent work on Sudan from where she just returned. Bec is a New America Foundation Fellow and a Pulitzer Center journalist/Washington Post special correspondent who has reported in Sudan over the last year. Her reporting with the Pulitzer Center has led to a series of articles in The Washington Post, The New Republic and Christian Science Monitor, and can be seen in her latest project, Sudan in Transition. Her most recent articles, "What about Darfur?" (The New Republic) and "One Referendum, Two New Nations" (The International Herald Tribune) can also be found on her project page.

The Price of Sex
A private screening for students, faculty and local community members

When: Tuesday, April 12,  7:00 PM

Where: Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium

The Price of Sex is a feature-length documentary about young Eastern European women who've been drawn into a netherworld of sex trafficking and abuse. Intimate, harrowing and revealing, it is a story told by the young women who were supposed to be silenced by shame, fear and violence.

Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova, who grew up in Bulgaria, takes us on a personal investigative journey, exposing the shadowy world of sex trafficking from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Western Europe.

Filming undercover and gaining extraordinary access, Chakarova illuminates how even though some women escape to tell their stories, sex trafficking thrives.

A screening and discussion with:
Mimi Chakarova, director and producer
Stephanie Challberg, editor
Adam Keker, director of photography
Steve Talbot, executive producer

Joe Davidson, retired FBI agent
Robert Rosenthal, executive director of The Center for Investigative Reporting


Tomas Brunegård, World Association of Newspapers and CEO of the Stampen Group

When: Tuesday, April 19,  12:45 PM

Where: North Gate Hall Library

Tomas Brunegård will discuss the differences between the American and Scandinavian media market, press freedom issues internationally, and newspaper company management.

Brunegård is currently a Vice President of the World Association of Newspapers, Chairman of the Swedish Publishers Association, and CEO of the media Stampen Group – the largest publisher in Sweden.  

Richard Koci Hernandez: Multimedia Journalist

When: Tuesday, April 19,  7:00 PM

Where: Pacific Film Archive

This installment in the lynda.com Creative Inspirations documentary series features Richard Koci Hernandez, a national Emmy® award-winning video and multimedia producer who is at the forefront of the next generation of journalism.

Event Contact: dwhite@lynda.com

Democracy in Nepal: The Local and the National
Journalist and Civil Rights Activist, Kanak Mani Dixit

When: Wednesday, April 27,  6:00 PM

Where: North Gate Hall Library

Nepal has become a republic. The People's Movement of 2006 demanded an end to violent politics and a return to democracy, but the path is not clear. Nepal is declared a federal country, but the debate on form and content of federalism has barely begun. The unique experiment in local governance ended amidst the political uncertainty. Will it be revived? Will the values of pluralism and participatory democracy thrive?

Kanak Mani Dixit is a journalist, editor and civil rights activist, recognized in Nepal and elsewhere in South Asia as a voice for pluralism and democracy. He has helped shape the debate about his country’s political direction over the last two decades, and worked across many fields to promote the principles of social justice. Founder editor of both Himal Southasian, the liberal and politically independent regional monthly, and the Nepali-language Himal Khabarpatrika newsmagazine, [MORE]

To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918

When: Monday, May 2,  6:00 PM

North Gate Hall Library

With a slide show of photographs, posters and a little music, Adam Hochschild gives a preview of his new book, To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914-1918. In part, this is a master class on storytelling as he tells how, for this unusual account of the First World War, he chose a narrative strategy, scenes to describe, and characters through whom to tell the story. These include cabinet ministers, generals, conscientious objectors, feminists, a circus lion-tamer turned antiwar activist, and a number of journalists—ranging from those who wrote government propaganda to a imprisoned editor who published a clandestine newspaper for his fellow war resisters on toilet paper.

****** EVENTS OF INTEREST ******

40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy
Film Screening + Discussion with Director Robert Lemelson, Department of Anthropology, UCLA

When: Friday, April 8,  12:00 PM

Where: 221 Kroeber Hall, Gifford Room

In one of the largest unknown mass-killings of the 20th century, an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were secretly and systematically killed in 1965 when General Suharto began a bloody purge of suspected "communists" in Indonesia through a complex and highly contested series of events where he ultimately gained power and the presidency.

"40 Years of Silence: An Indonesian Tragedy" follows the compelling testimonies of four individuals and their families, located in Central Java and Bali, two regions heavily affected by the purge, as they break the silence with an intimate look at what it was like for survivors after the mass-killings, during Suharto's New Order regime. Through their stories, the audience comes to understand the potential for retribution, rehabilitation, and reconciliation in modern-day Indonesia within this troubled historical context.

Please RSVP to emily.ng@berkeley.edu

The Inaugural Maharaj Kaul Memorial Lecture
"Pay-to-print": How Media Corruption Undermines Indian Democracy

When: Monday, April 11,  5:00 PM

Where: Blum Hall, B100 (conference room on the Plaza Level)

Palagummi Sainath, the 2007 winner of the Ramon Magsaysay award for journalism, literature, and creative communication arts, is an award winning Indian development journalist – a term he himself avoids, instead preferring to call himself a 'rural reporter', or simply a 'reporter' – and photojournalist focusing on social problems, rural affairs, poverty and the aftermaths of globalization in India. He spends between 270 and 300 days a year in the rural interior (in 2006, over 300 days) and has done so for the past 18 years. He is the Rural Affairs Editor for The Hindu, and the website India Together has been archiving some of his work in The Hindu daily for the past six years. His work has won praise from the likes of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen who referred him as "one of the world's great experts on famine and hunger." He is the author of Everybody Loves a Good Drought: Stories from India's Poorest Districts.

Civil Liberties in the Age of Obama

When: Monday, April 18,  4:00 PM

Where: Sutardja Dai Hall, Banatao Auditorium

The Institute of International Studies and the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley cordially invite you to attend this event as part of UC Berkeley's Political Science Department Travers Program. U.S. lawyer, journalist and defender of Wikileaks, Glenn Greenwald will lead this lecture.

Greenwald worked as a constitutional and civil rights litigator prior to becoming a contributor to Salon.com, where he focuses on political and legal topics. He is the author of three books: How Would a Patriot Act? (2006) and A Tragic Legacy (2007), both New York Times bestsellers; and Great American Hypocrites (2008).

In March 2009 he was selected, along with Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, as the recipient of the first annual Izzy Award by the Park Center for Independent Media, an award named after famed independent journalist I.F."Izzy" Stone and devoted to rewarding excellence in independent journalism. The selection panel cited Greenwald's "pathbreaking journalistic courage and persistence in confronting conventional wisdom, official deception and controversial issues."

Event Contact: 510.642.2472

Documentary: Better This World

54th San Francisco International Film Festival at BAM/PFA

When: Tuesday, April 26,  6:30 PM

Where: Pacific Film Archive

Set against the backdrop of the 2008 Republican National Convention amid bomb plots, arrests, and subsequent trials, this portrait of two young activists caught in the web of an opportunistic mentor and a desperate justice system poignantly describes not only the problems of power and authority, but also the ultimate power of forgiveness and love.

Filmmakers: Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway

To tickets: http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/film/FN19045

To the trailer: http://www.pbs.org/pov/betterthisworld/trailer.php

To a recent review of the film: http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117944805

Event Contact: 510.642.1412

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Event & Fundraising Coordinator
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