Call for Pitches–Snap Judgment

Snap Judgment needs your stories. Details below!


Hey folks, Snap Judgment is calling for another round of pitches. You know the deal, we want first-person, dramatic, true stories. They must have a beginning, middle and end, strong dramatic tension and a narrative arc. No news hooks. Submit brief story ideas to

Upcoming Episodes…

Stories about NASA, space camp, life on mars, marrying the rocketman, finding a piece of shuttle in your swimming pool, crashing down to earth or inventing astronaut ice-cream. Examples include the story of a man building his own spacecraft, and a NASA pilot in trouble.

Stories about bugs, insects and things that crawl into your sleeping bag at night. Has an insect taken over your life? Are you the owner of a pet millipede, attacked by ants in central Africa or bitten by a scorpion? Did a spider bite give you super-powers? Did you find your way home in a Malaria-induced fever hallucination? Examples include a love story based on a termite infestation, a flying Japanese cockroach and accidentally jumping into a pool of spiders.


This one speaks for itself–stories about getting something unfairly. Cheating in love, sports, school, or work. Cheating the system, cheating the man, cheating yourself or cheating death, it's wide open folks.

Stories about the bad guy, or good people forced to do bad things. Confronting an evil first grade teacher, escaping a brutal island kingdom, hatching a plan with a criminal mastermind, getting your ex-lover fired,  or having coffee with a warlord. Examples include the stories of a rebel-leader turned taxi driver, a toxic polluter giving local residents cancer, and the discovery of medical malfeasance.

Big Poppa
This is our father's day episode and we want stories about dads. Becoming a dad unexpectedly, losing a dad, finding a dad, shoving a dad off a cliff. Examples include one father saving his daughter from religious persecution and a father's dying wish for a bowling game.

The Wiz: Stories with a Wizard of Oz theme. Think creatively, not just searches for brain, heart and courage, but stories about going home, emerald cities, fake wizards, good witches, tornadoes and your little dog too. Examples include the story of a heart transplant recipient experiencing the memories of his donor.

Thanks so much, if you're unclear on what we want, please check out the "IS YOU STORY RIGHT FOR SNAP JUDGMENT" flowchart.



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