Deutsche Welle’s English’s Pulse looking for Asia, Africa freelance pitches

Hey folks. This from one of our long-time FC members who moved across the pond:

From my colleague, Kate Bowen, who runs Pulse, our youth culture show.
Please send pitches to: and tell her I sent
-Cyrus Farivar

Details below for traveling audio folks.


Our current series Europe on a Shoestring will be coming to a close
when the clocks change in March. At that time, we'll begin a new
series profiling young people all over the world who are making a
difference around them.


Find a young person (under 30) who is actively engaged in making the
world a better place in some way. This could be through peace
activism, environmental projects, providing music lessons to
underpriveleged children, cleaning up trash in their neighborhood,
volunteering at a senior center, rescuing an endangered species, etc.
Maybe they have founded an organization, maybe they are a small player
in a larger help organization, or maybe they are just being proactive
on their own. Whatever the case, it needs to be clear to the listener
that this person is worth profiling.

As I am particularly interested in geographical diversity, please keep
our series in mind when you are traveling to interesting places!


I am looking for a sound-rich package profiling your chosen
individual. While they are the focus of the report, clearly they
impact other people, so it's crucial to have a couple other voices in
there as well. Include as much

The packagd must be exactly 5 minutes long (as close as possible) to
make it as interesting as possible for rebroadcasters.


240 Euros.


The series begins with daylight savings time – the first show after
that is on Tuesday, March 29. It will run through the change of the
clocks in October. Please start submitting pitches as soon as

I very much look forward to your pitches and to making this an exciting series.

ps – We're still looking for a name for the series; your ideas are welcome.

Kate Bowen
Kulturredakteurin / Culture Editor

Deutsche Welle
Kurt-Schumacher-Stra├če 3
53113 Bonn, Deutschland / Germany

Tel: ++49 228 429-2592
Fax: ++49 228 429-4583

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