new WAMU global affairs radio project seeks pitches

Hey folks. Get in on a brand new global affairs radio program based out of WAMU in DC. They're taking pitches now for their pilot and if all goes well it will get much, much bigger. Contact Andrea at for more details.


Attached is a list of upcoming program themes for WAMU's global affairs program-in-development, Latitudes. We are currently producing a series of pilots to run starting in January. Fingers crossed it will be a weekly program in the future. 
We're seeking pitches from freelance producers around the globe and country– sound-rich features–narrated or non-narrated, essays, essays with tape, short interviews or vox, almost anything really.  These will then be woven into in-studio discussions/interviews on the given themes. Please note deadlines for pitching stories on some themes are very soon.
Full disclaimer, in this start-up phase, our rates are modest. Please contact me for details, and any other questions.
If you're getting this, it's because I thought you or people you know might be interested (or I bumped into you at the Third Coast Conference!). If you'd rather not get these messages please let me know (they should be infrequent). If you know others who might be interested, please forward along.
Many thanks!
All best,

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Andrea Wenzel
Global Affairs Producer
WAMU 88.5 FM


Upcoming program themes

Latitudes is looking for story ideas for the following themes. If you
have a pitch that doesn’t quite fit, send it along. Latitudes seeks
solutions-oriented stories—people with interesting ideas or projects
that aim to make an impact. We’re also seeking ideas that make local-
global connections. Please note the pitch deadlines for each theme.

Send pitches describing focus of your story, characters, and
sound to:

Pluralism and preventing communal conflict—As the US
struggles with an upsurge of ‘Islamaphobia’, this program
will examine efforts in other countries to encourage cross-
communal tolerance—from India to the UK, and closer to home.
[DEADLINE: 11/8/10]

Global parenting- From maternity/paternity leave to affordable
day-care and more, an exploration of global programs and
projects to help parents. [DEADLINE: 11/15/10]

Urban agriculture- As the world becomes increasingly urban,
this program looks at efforts to bring a bit of the farm to the
city. Honeybees in Iraq and the US, visions for fruit orchards in
downtown Detroit, and more. [DEADLINE 11/17/10]

Cancer in developing countries- Cancer is a major cause of
death in many developing countries, but for most in these same
countries, treatment is not an option for all but the elite few
able to travel abroad. Now some doctors and health advocates
are making plans to change this, arguing what has been done
to address HIV treatment could work similarly with cancer.
[DEADLINE 11/22/10]

Down the toilet- For many, basic sanitation is not something to
take for granted. This program looks at what a difference a toilet
can make… from communal toilets to compost toilets… to the
difference access can make for women living in slums who have
to wait until nightfall to go to the toilet. [DEADLINE 11/29/10]

Cultural connections- Most Latitudes episodes feature
programs connecting local and global cultures through food,
music, art, poetry, jokes, sport, history, etc. Wide open for
interpretation. [OPEN DEADLINE]

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