Digital Web Series Open Call, deadline Sept 27

Got this post from AIR (the supplier of many of my posts.) This looks great! Contact with questions.


Online application:

Digital Web Series Open Call Guidelines

Blackpublicmedia.Org reviews and considers for distribution on a rolling basis films about the black experience globally. Our content priorities include films in contemporary settings depicting black life and experience in a rare and often overlooked context. We are most thrilled by those cinematic gems which bring to us knowledge that has been ignored by popular culture; films outside the norm which approach black characters, stories and locales in a fresh and engaging manner.

In that same spirit also executively produces interactive online content designed to engage any audience interested in African Diaspora content online. The following is a guideline for submitting content for consideration to’s annual Web Series Open Call.

The Open Call awards project requests of up to $20,000 for interactive web series concepts. Selected projects will be published on, made available for public broadcasting options, and executive produced by the National Black Programming Consortium.


    Content Categories & Criteria
    The goal of the Web Series Competition is to identify serial content concepts based within a unique contemporary African Diaspora context. Project concepts will be considered most highly if they utilize new distribution models to explore maximum engagement, and provide a public forum/platform for valuable networks of civic discourse. Series proposals must fall under one of the following categories:

    • Social Satire
    • Narrative Fiction
    • News & Documentary
    • Public TV/Radio

    Each series must have between eight (8) and twelve (12) episodes completed during the contract year. Please read the criteria for each submission category below.

    Social Satire
    Often broad conversation about important issues can only be sparked by bold satire. Initiatives considered for the Social Satire category are meant to employ more flexible techniques to engage an audience in dialogue – comedy and provocative social commentary being some methods.

    Narrative Fiction
    The Narrative Fiction category is for the consideration of fictional web series ideas with Black or African American lead characters. This category is meant to encourage the submission of broader ideas and explorations that are not necessarily factual but metaphoric in their

    implications for social and civic discourse. A broad example could be a series around a single mother raising a family; episodes could prove to be platforms for online discourse around equal pay, housing inequity, love and relationships, family, etc.

    News & Documentary
    The News & Documentary genre is for the consideration of interactive content initiatives designed to provide up to date factual information about a specific Black/African Diaspora community or
    issue area. Series proposed here are factual “webisodes” which offer general platforms for discourse around discreet social, or political issues. This is also a category for more intimate explorations of ideas and issues that might be part of a larger documentary project. “Behind the scenes” ideas will not be considered too highly in this category unless they provide a distinct platform for discussing larger issues pertaining to the project idea.

    Public TV/Radio
    Within this genre proposals are for ideas attached to an ongoing project with a standing, or upcoming public television or public radio broadcast. Producers working on longer format projects
    may use this opportunity to develop an interactive relationship with a community of interest related to their main project. For example, video podcasts for a regularly scheduled

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