free webinar – 10 Steps to a Tech-Savvy You, Aug 5, 2pm ET

I haven't done one of these, but it's free, and seems like a good opportunity to brush up on some tech knowledge. Check it out!


Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we're hosting a free webinar for stay-at-home entrepreneurs, displaced journalists, seasoned academics, C-level corporate managers, retirees and others. It's called "10 Steps to a Tech-Savvy You."  Think of it as a digital media makeover.  It's happening August 5 at 2pm ET.

This webinar will outline the 10 steps — and critical websites, social networks and gear — to help you become more tech savvy. We're also offering a primer on how to manage information overload.  As always, attendees will receive notes, worksheets and a list of recommended tools.

The 10 steps we're going to feature, as well as all of the resources, are essential to survive in our increasingly digital world. The webinar is produced by our training website Knowledgewebb (, which has been featured on MSNBC, FOX and NPR as well as in Entrepreneur Magazine as the go-to website to learn digital skills. We hold a few free webinars a year with more than 500 participants — and we always run out of space because our sessions are so popular. More details, along with registration, are here:


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