Bastiat prize 2010

In the words of the person who sent me this, here's a "weird but good one." Indeed – both weird and good. Go for it!


The Bastiat prize 2010 is now open for entries.

IPN's Bastiat Prize for Journalism was inspired by the 19th-century French philosopher and journalist Frédéric Bastiat.

The prize was developed to encourage and reward writers whose published works promote the institutions of a free society: limited government, rule of law brokered by an independent judiciary, protection of private property, free markets, free speech, and sound science.

The reward for this year's prize is as follows:

Bastiat Prize for Journalism
(First – $10,000; Second – $4,000; Third – $1,000)

Bastiat Prize for Online Journalism
(One winner only, $3,000)

The deadline is June 30th. If you are interested in entering this prize then please let me know.

For more information please read attached document or click on the link.

default icon2010 Rules for Bastiat Prize for Journalism.doc

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