J-School Alumni Day Conference Saturday, April 10

Some great panels lined up for this event. Non-jschool alum are welcome for $25.00. -mia


*J-School Alumni Day Conference*

Saturday, April 10, 2010

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Graduate School of Journalism

North Gate Hall

UC Berkeley


*9:00AM – 9:30AM* – *Meet and greet continental breakfast*

*9:45AM – 11:00AM* – *Anatomy of a Story: Bay Area Investigative Reporting in a Digital Age*

Ever since traditional news organizations began cutting their investigative reporting budgets, non-profit organizations, both established and new, are trying to fill the void with funding from interested and concerned individuals and philanthropies. The Bay Area is a center of innovation for these enterprises. Panelists will discuss the opportunities for deeper investigative reporting and discuss the potential profitability and sustainability of these models.

*Moderator: Deirdre English*, Director, The Felker Magazine Program, J-School


*Ryan Gabrielson*, Investigative Reporting Program Fellow, Berkeley J-School

*Lowell Bergman*, Reva and David Logan Distinguished Professor of Investigative Reporting, Berkeley J-School

*Robert J. Rosenthal*, Executive Director, The Center for Investigative Reporting

*Clara Jeffery or Monika Bauerlein*, co-editors, Mother Jones magazine (invited)

*11:15PM-12:15PM: The iPad and its Progeny: Technology and Bay Area Journalism*

The Bay Area leads in developing new technology that profoundly changes the way people get their news, reporters capture it, and producers display it. In the age of multi-media story telling, what skills are required in reporting the news and telling good stories? How does tablet technology and multi-media content change reporting and narrative story telling? What is the impact on magazines and newspapers? How are reporter’s voices changing? With increasing demand for immediate, hard-hitting opinion pieces, where is the place for thoughtful narrative writing?

*Moderator: TBD*


*Damon Darlin*, Technology Editor, The New York Times

*Thomas Goetz, MPH ‘07*, Executive Editor, Wired magazine

*Todd Lappin,’95*, Media Product Strategist and Editor, CBS Interactive

*Marcia Parker*, West Coast Editorial Director, AOL’s Patch.com

*LUNCH 12:15 – 1:15 PM. Catered lunch and roundtable networking.*

* Hosts:*

*David Gelles, ‘00*, Reporter, The Financial Times

*Jennifer Kahn, ’00*, J-School lecturer, feature writer and editor

*Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, ’97*, freelance journalist, author and editor

*Tim McGirk ’74*, former foreign bureau chief, Time magazine, just back from Kabul

*Speed Weed*, screenwriter and executive story editor NCIS Los Angeles (CBS); freelance science writer

*Apple iPad Demo*

*1:30PM- 2:30PM: The Bay Area News Project: An Experiment in Situ*

*Moderator: Neil Henry*, Dean, Berkeley J-School

* **Panelists:*

*Lisa Frazier*, CEO

*Jonathan Webber*, Editor- in-Chief

The Bay Area News Project is a recently launched non-profit news organization. Collaborating with the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, its mission is to foster civic engagement by providing original journalism covering civic and community news in the Bay Area. The Project will also be supplying news stories for the Bay Area sections of The New York Times and creating opportunities for journalists to practice their craft in the Bay Area.

*2:45PM-3:30PM Retraining Opportunities for Reporters and Editors *

As technologies evolve, journalists must keep up and adapt to a changing job market. Editors and reporters need to learn new skills and become adept at using the technology (e.g. producing blogs, video, web sites, using multi-media equipment and software). This panel will discuss the essential new skills and the best ways of acquiring them.

*Moderator: Kara Platoni, ’99*, J-School lecturer and editor, Oakland North, freelance editor and science writer.


*Connie Hale, ’90*, author and former director of the Nieman Foundation Program on Narrative Journalism at Harvard University

*Carl Hall*, Media Worker’s Guild

*Lanita Pace Hinton*, Director, Knight Digital Media Center, J-School (invited)

*4:00 pm Reception*


*GUESTS: $25, payable at door, but please register to reserve a space. [Checks payable to: UC Regents]*

*Please provide name, year of graduation (alumni), phone #, preferred email address if different.*

*Thanks, and see you at the J-School on April 10.*

*We will be providing updates on program and speakers.*

* *

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