stop trying to make it perfect and get started already (aka The Big Picture)

I’ve been talking about starting this blog for far too long. I keep waiting to have the time and energy to create a fabulous and coherent mission statement and a framework business plan to kick it off, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. So I’m just going to start putting stuff up here in all its incoherent glory. We’ll call it brainstorming.

The main idea – more or less – is to create a space in Oakland for freelancers, contractors, and other independents to gather with others doing similar work, and to find resources and networking opportunities to help them succeed (financially, socially, etc.) in whatever it is they want to do with their time.

Here’s my very first list of possibilities for this space. (Keep in mind, this is brainstorming so there are no bad ideas, right?)

  • incubator for individuals with an idea
  • memberships
  • workshops
  • resource center
  • brown bags or donated lunches
  • gym membership and other discounts (health insurance)
  • individuals/artists in residence
  • guest speakers (author of “I don’t know what I want…”)
  • resource library
  • in house gallery/pro tools setup/darkroom
  • media center
  • collaborations with other local businesses – Luka’s, other galleries
  • rental spaces for freelancers
  • special events/fundraisers
  • sabbaticals for independents

So – what now? I need comments, opinions, suggestions, links, resources – anything that will either 1) help make this idea a reality or 2) convince me that this is crazy and unworkable and that I should stick to my day job.

Ideally – each of my posts will encourage a slew of comments from you all, which will lead to more posts and ultimately that fabulous and coherent mission statement and business plan I mentioned earlier. Ready? Go!

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