New podcast seeks to resolve your disputes

Hey FC. I know the posts have been few and far between recently (busy days!) but this is a fun one. Not a gig so much as an opportunity to be involved in a fun new project – as a guest! Details below.
Stay healthy,
Is your roommate on your last nerve? Does your friend still owe you money for that thing they broke? Is your sibling refusing to talk to you and you have no idea why? Well, a new podcast from Endeavor Content (Hunted, Blackout) and Neon Hum (The Thing About Pam, Bag Man) is looking to help you out. Our high-profile host will listen to both sides of your dispute (yes, I’m sorry, it’s only fair), and give you the clear resolution that you and your rival have been craving. No issue is too small… as long as it’s a big frickin’ deal to you and whoever you’re disagreeing with. If interested, submit a brief description of your case to: and