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Storytelling/hacking on the iPad, May 21-23, 2010

Great collaborative event coming up in a couple weeks. Check it out! -mia


Hacks/Hackers Unite Storytelling/hacking on the iPad, May 21-23, 2010 At KQED

This event will be both a coding development camp and a journalistic boot camp. Teams of hacks (content creators) and hackers (developers and designers) will cooperate to tell develop media applications for the iPad that help inform users and tell stories. Each team must have at least one hack and hacker each. If you don’t already have a team, we will have some activities to help you find one at the event. Also, find potential collaborators and propose, browse, and discuss ideas here.

David Gelles Reporter The Financial Times San Francisco Bureau o. +1 415 445 5601 m. +1 510 292 9576

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SF Bay Area Multimedia gathering, May 5, 7-9pm

Hey all. This is perfect for many west coast FC members, organized and run by a radio colleague. Check it out! -Mia


Fotovision Multimedia Salon first Wednesday of each month, 7-9PM at Fotovision

5515 Doyle St, #11, Emeryville, CA 94608 Map:

o Fotovision: That hip ever-growing photo-sound-video fanatic’s group o Multimedia: Mixing sound, stills, video, (smells? tastes?), to tell drop-dead stories, commonly for the web. o Salon: Usually a bunch of pretentious intellectuals in a gilded room getting all snooty about their work. But in this case we mean a group of motivated, experienced media folks sharing knowledge and work.

The group welcomes skilled still photographers, video photographers, journalists, radio and other sound people, editors and storytellers of various stripes working with multimedia.

Join us if you are: o Actively working with multimedia. o Just starting to work with multimedia as an addition to the work you already do. o A professional on fire about the story-telling potential of multimedia, and serious about sharing and expanding your skills with a group of peers.

We gather monthly to show works-in-progress for feedback, support, and discussion. We talk about everything from our work to our gear, from getting jobs to wailing about not getting jobs — and just about anything else that comes to mind. Mostly, we show our multimedia works and figure out ways to make them tighter, more informative and more interesting.

Think of it as a writers’ group for digital storytellers — a group of people with a wide range of skills and styles in the various aspects of multimedia who meet to exchange our hard-found expertise in this new field.

Cost: A sliding scale contribution of up to $15, depending on how well you’re doing in today’s media economy. The contribution goes to Fotovision ( http: ) for their expenses and support of the group.

Hope to see you there!


Lonny Shavelson

Berkeley, California Office/studio: 510 343 6939 Home: 510 849 9382 Cell: 510 847 5223 e-mail:

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National Magazine Awards for Digital Media Winners Announced

The American Society of Magazine Editors offer the first ever awards for Digital Media – including Best Podcast:

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The Missouri Review’s Audio & Video Contest

Fun and creative contest. Check it out! -Mia _______________________________________

The Missouri Review’s Audio & Video Contest 2009 Postmark Deadline: January 16, 2010

Audio/Voice-Only Literature If you have a short story, a piece of creative nonfiction, narrative essay or poetry that you think worthy of recording, enter this category. All literary genres are considered. Pieces in this category can be solely author-read or contain other tracks of sound, voice and/or recorded interviews. Entries are judged on literary merit, technical proficiency and, most importantly, how the author uses audio media to futher the literary strength of his or her piece. Note: Poets may enter one or more poems as a single entry as long as the total recorded time does not exceed the 10-minute limit. We encourage writers and producers to make innovative use of recording technology as a means of furthering their literary craft.

Time: 10 minutes or less. First Prize: $1,500 Second prize: $500

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