KUOW Program Venture Fund announces new round of grants, deadline March 16

Hey Washington State folks (or folks who want to spend time in Washington State). The yearly grants from awesome station KUOW have just been announced. Details below.



KUOW is launching an accelerated application schedule for KUOW Program Venture Fund (PVF) projects. In the future we will have more grant rounds per year but with shorter application deadlines.

Beginning Monday, February 6, we will start accepting project proposals for Round 20 of PVF. The PVF provides special support for staff and independent producers to develop new programming focused on the Puget Sound region in Washington state.

Programs funded by the PVF can be a series of features, a long form documentary or a variety of short audio pieces. There is no set format. Be creative. Think of a PVF grant as seed money for that radio project you’ve always dreamed of doing. This is your opportunity to dig into a subject, bring new voices to the air and share the history, culture and issues that impact the Puget Sound region.

Important: Before submitting a full application you need to send me a short description of your project, no longer than a page. Once the preliminary idea is approved then you can officially submit the full application. All instructions are at our website (see below).

The application deadline is Friday, March 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm (PT)
For application information go to www.kuow.org/pvf
Contact: Jim Gates – jgates@kuow.org

We look forward to hearing your radio ideas! Below are links to past PVF projects.

Jim Gates

Senior Editor

KUOW 94.9 – Puget Sound Public Radio

Check out our most recent PVF projects:

Refugees In Puget Sound: Navigating A New Home In The Northwest
Reporter: Jessica Partnow

4-Part series examining the relationship between eastern and western Washington

Reporter: Dominic Black

This Not Just In: Audible Moments from Pacific Northwest History
Reporter: Feliks Banel

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WGBH/WORLD TV seeks independent long-form documentary film pitches, deadline March 1

Awesome news from WGBH's WORLDcompass – now accepting pitches from indie doc filmmakers. Details HERE and below. Deadline March 1.




WORLD TV will premiere a new long-form documentary program in the spring of 2012 that will feature documentaries you won’t see any place else on broadcast television.

Here’s your chance to be a part of it.

If you’re an accomplished filmmaker with a completed documentary and you think it has a compelling story– we want to hear about it! Submit your doc!

What we are looking for?

This new program looks to showcase films that explore domestic issues and which feature diverse voices from communities all over the United States.

While the show will be inclusive of all makers, WORLD TV’s goal is to highlight those films that give our viewers a “snapshot” of the transforming American life —the glamour, the grit and the hope of a new and changing American demographic.

From contemporary life on Native reservations, to stories of recovery on the Gulf — to hardships and revitalization in the mountains of Appalachia — the transformation of emerging urban centers like Brooklyn and St Louis, WORLD is looking for stories that document the times in which we we live

If your film strikes these chords, we want to consider it for broadcast and web distribution. Submit your doc!

How to submit?

To have your film considered for this new collection- you must do the following :

Submission deadline for season 1 is March 1st 2012  

Be sure to folow WORLD on Facebook or Twitter for updates ! 

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NPR and Washington post Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship, deadline April 30

This radio/print/web fellowship involves 12 weeks at the Washington Post followed by 12 weeks at NPR. Details HERE and below.


What Is The Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship?
The Fellowship was created in memory of Stone and Holt Weeks by NPR and The Washington Post following their tragic deaths. Designed to give a promising individual the opportunity to launch a career in journalism, the fellowship consists of two sessions: 12 weeks atThe Washington Post followed by 12 weeks at NPR in Washington, to learn how to report for print, web and radio.

What Will I Learn?
The Fellow will learn about the role of journalism in "making the world a better place." He or she will get broad exposure to the relationship between journalism and public education, citizenship, social change and democracy, and will learn that a major aim of journalism, as expressed a century ago by author Finley Peter Dunne, is "to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." The intent is to be educational and experiential, with the Fellow publishing original stories and other news content at The Washington Post, and then learning the craft of journalism NPR-style, getting on the air, online and out in the field. The Fellow will learn the skills and the craft of reporting from the very best at both institutions.

Who Is Eligible For The Fellowship?
Anyone who will have received a bachelor's degree by July 15, 2012, is eligible to apply for the fellowship. Individuals with additional education and experience are of course also welcome to apply. While a demonstrated appetite for journalism is desired, there is no specific requirement for a journalism degree or experience as a journalist.

How Do I Apply?
Download and complete the application form. Be sure to read this document carefully and include all required materials with your application.

What Are The Deadlines?
Applications must be postmarked on or before April 30, 2012. Finalists will be notified in early June and invited to travel to Washington for an interview with the fellowship committee. (Travel costs for the interview will be paid by NPR and The Washington Post.) The selected candidate will be notified by the end of June and asked to confirm his or her commitment early in July. The fellowship begins after Labor Day.

What If I Have More Questions?
More information about the Stone & Holt Weeks Fellowship can be found in this FAQ.

Who Are Stone & Holt Weeks?


Stone and Holt Weeks were brothers and best friends. They were victims in a tragic highway crash in the summer of 2009. Stone was 24. Holt was 20.

They were extraordinary, focused young men committed to doing great work – in history, public policy and environmental issues. They were insatiably curious, ambitious, wildly fun-loving and dedicated to making the world a better place. They had a keen social conscience and were enthusiastic volunteers for good causes. They were, as the National Journal said, "devoted to helping less fortunate people and fixing our troubled world." Their passion for up-to-the-minute news was inspired and informed by an equal passion for history and politics. This fellowship is to celebrate their brief, brilliant lives – and to honor what might have been – by giving someone this enormous opportunity to launch a career in journalism.

Their father, Linton Weeks, is a reporter at NPR and spent nearly two decades at The Washington Post. Their mother, Jan Taylor Weeks, is an artist, teacher, and volunteer. In recognition of Stone and Holt, and of Linton's lifelong service as a journalist and storyteller, NPR and The Washington Post joined together to create this unique fellowship.

Learn more about The Stone & Holt Weeks Foundation.

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Carte Blanche website call for submissions, deadline March 15

From the Montreal-based Carte Blanche website via the good folks at AIR – interesting opportunity for you non-traditional storytellers. Submission deadline March 15. Details below.

Hi there,

My name is Cristal Duhaime and I recently became the audio editor for a literary website based in Montreal called Carte Blanche. It's an online magazine published twice a year, in association with the Quebec Writers' Federation.


In the past, we've put up exciting storytelling work in traditional categories such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing; we're now looking to expand those categories to include sound. The deadline to submit audio "stories" for the spring issue is coming up soon on March 15th. The term "story" is used loosely; audio submissions can include soundscape, documentary, spoken word, author readings, comedy, experimental, etc. Audio pieces do not need to contain words (although they can!) but they should have a narrative progression, i.e. a beginning, middle, and end. Any additional details can be found here:


I thought this might be something of interest to your members so if you could help spread the word in any way, it would be much appreciated. We can offer only a small honorarium to those whose works we decide to publish but the site does get quite a bit of exposure so the experience might prove rewarding for audio producers in other ways.

As a radio producer and audiophile myself, (I currently work on CBC Radio's Wiretap) I'm quite familiar with the art and impact of storytelling through sound so I'm quite excited to open up the audio category to the site's followers.

Please get in touch with any questions you might have.

take care,

Cristal Duhaime

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SFPortals – a multimedia photo project, February 2, 7-9pm, SF

A great event with two longtime Freelance Cafe members. If you're in the Bay Area, don't miss it!



Jan Sturmann and I will be presenting our new multimedia photo project at the Apple Store in SF on Thursday, February 2, 7-9pm.  Please join us!

Best wishes,



Open Show San Francisco presents:
– Collaborative Multimedia in Action

Feb.2nd (Thurs) 7-9pm
Apple SF Store | 1 Stockton St., San Francisco

Come experience five San Francisco multimedia stories from veteran reporters and photojournalists Lonny Shavelson and Jan Sturmann. How do you make a leg? Can you build a bike from bamboo? Who still sells Zoot Suits? Are there superheroes in the Bay Area?

1) Real Life Super Heroes
2) The Leg Maker
3) Zoot Suit
4) Bamboo on Wheels
5) Desire for Words

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